It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Is this Holiday Season turning you into a “Bad Mom”?

Is this Holiday Season turning you into a “Bad Mom”?

Over the Thanksgiving mini-break, I watched A Bad Mom’s Christmas, with a glass of wine in my hand to boot.


And you know what?!


It is so true!


As Moms, we run ourselves down until we get S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D and are E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D!


During the Holidays, we tend to do this much more quickly than any other time during the year. Seriously. Between trying to make every holiday event, wrapping, shopping, and pleasing family members – I don’t blame any mom for reaching for a bottle of her favorite alcohol!


So how can you do the impossible and alleviate stress during the Holidays?


These tips can help you exhale and allow you to actually enjoy what the Holidays are truly about. Gratitude. For the people, you have in your life to spend this “magical” time with. The memory of those who have passed. Feelings associated with our traditions. Gratitude for everything that is beautiful and worth rejoicing in this world. For faith in something larger than ourselves.


The time to spend with those who matter most in your life.





All the events, decorations, cooking, driving, shopping, cleaning etc. You feel like you have to do so much and have little-to-no-time to accomplish everything.


What if you changed that?


What if you decided to say, “No, Thanks!”


I was that person who would say yes because I felt bad. Or I thought I would be missing out on something.


Listen, you have this amazing power that you most certainly can carry into everything having to do with the Holidays this season. And that is the Power of CHOICE.


I promise you, you will not be missing out on anything. Especially, if you weren’t keen on going or doing it, to begin with.


Your Holiday can be just as warm and inviting by only going the places you really want to and being with the people that you actually enjoy being around.


Sure, traditions are passed down from generation to generation. But you can most definitely create your own traditions or modify old ones. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does during their Holidays. If staying inside all day, snuggled in pajamas, playing board games and watching Holiday movies is what you want to do - do it!


If you don’t want to go to that holiday party. Don’t.


Pick a few Holiday festivities that you just don’t want to miss and stick with those. Trying to cram every single holiday event into your calendar will only stress you out. How can you have fun and enjoy your time when you are stressed out?


Despite the commercialism of the Holidays, the lights, parties, and gifts. These fun and very nice things are not what it is all about.


One can GIVE without handing someone a box wrapped in a red bow.


Someone can LIGHT you up inside without the string of twinkles on a tree.


What truly makes a celebration worthwhile, is the company you are surrounded by. The rest is just fluff.


The Holidays are meant to be joyous and happy. Not heavy and burdensome.




Tis’ the season to PURGE. Listen, nothing can jump start your Holiday Spirit like donating items that you no longer need.


The best gift will always be giving back. This, I promise you!


A few years ago, my family and I really began evaluating our needs versus our wants. Taking a look at the “things” in our lives in comparison to the memories and adventures we’ve had. So, we decided to find organizations and charities that serve a grander purpose and actually take action towards their statement of good doing.


Part of this decision involves purging about 2-4 times a year or whenever we feel compelled to, really.


We go through every room and put aside everything that we no longer use. In general, as a rule of thumb, I’d suggest purging anything that you have not used in a year. That amazing waffle maker that was used every weekend – the first year- but has been collecting dust ever since. The size 4 clothing that – One Day – You WILL (maybe) fit into again. You may even find items that you have never used!


Then, we used this as a learning tool and incorporated our children into the mix. Going through your children’s rooms is just as fun, and getting them involved is a good teaching tool. A great lesson in gratitude and helping them to think outside of the world that they may believe only revolves around them.


Purging is good for the soul, your home, your heart and the receivers on the other end. Getting rid of stuff that just lies dormant will help you release pent up energy that you may have never realized was there, to begin with. It allows you to let go of, perhaps some emotional ties as well.


If you aren’t sure where to donate, you can try your local homeless shelter, women’s and children’s centers and churches as a start.




We all have them. That family member that is difficult to be in the room with. The one that just drives you absolutely nuts! What if you re-framed your mindset? And this year decide that you are just going to let it go!


You can only be in control of one person, (not even your kids- despite your every and best supernatural mom-power efforts). The only person you have complete control over is YOURSELF.


If this person complains about everything and you just wish they would be grateful and appreciate what they have. That is great! But you cannot control anyone. What does getting yourself all bent out of shape over another person’s views, actions, choices, etc. do? I’ll tell you exactly what it will do. It will get you all bent out of shape and upset.




If you can change your mindset and decide to just let things be as they may. Stop trying to control everything. (I know, often very hard for Moms!) If we, as moms, could just maybe exhale when that relative utters those negative words. Re-directing ourselves so that we can see the situation in a different perspective. Just allow the uncontrollable to be exactly that. Uncontrollable. Then, maybe we could enjoy the company of everyone surrounding us this Holiday Season. Even those that seem to just get under our skin!


But Hey! There’s always locking yourself in the bathroom with a glass of wine and some of the cookies you helped bake for Santa! No judgment here!


Happy Holidays!


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