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We are stepping into a New Year. Focusing on Happiness and Joy must be our priority.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the circumstances in their lives. Most of them get irritable with the constant demands on them. There are many things in life that will create an experience of happiness for all of us despite our individual differences. Maybe the things that make you happy are different from the things that make me happy, but then so what.

For most of us there are good days and bad days. The smart thing is to know how to shake off a bad day.

A New Years resolve for everyone I would recommend should be to not allow any of these bad days to overwhelm them and actually know how to shake it off.

We may know how to control a few stressors but to be able to take the edge off the stressors is vital. Even while we are working at trying to control them it is vital.


I will throw light on some "Make me Happy" tips for you.



  1. Think like an optimist
  2. Positive reframing
  3. Positive journaling
  4. Affirmations
  5. Viewing stressors as a challenge 



The best harbingers for happiness are the things which are apparently the most important in our lives. As we all realise we are social beings and keeping a positive, supportive and mutually respectful relationship is a primary requisite to a good life. This actually buffers us against stress the most.



These help you to keep yourself healthy mutually, and emotionally giving you infinite reservoirs of happiness. 


Learn to laugh and have fun with friends.  Moments spent in joy are the only moments we have truly lived.



It is the small simple things that give us true joy. We often tend to overlook them as we take them for granted. Learn to make a conscious connect with these small joys and enhance your life.



These could be in many forms.  It could be the people we meet, a messy desk, a cluttered room that makes you tired the moment you look at it. We just get used to these drains and stop making a conscious observation of them.

Become more aware of these drains so that you can cut on them and free yourself with more time and energy to engage freely in "Happy Activities "



There are many stressful activities we accomplish because we know we have to do them.  In the process we ignore activities we enjoy. We can cut off some of the stressful activities to accommodate the enjoyable ones.



Quick routes to happiness are essential to restore positive feelings as quickly as possible. You need to understand your psyche well. Know what makes you happy to take a good happiness shortcut.

Find the easiest way to raise your spirits and make happiness a habit.



Do not be shy of accepting help if you need it. Be it chatting up a friend about your issues or going to a professional. Better to unburden and treat your hurting self so that you arrive at a space of freedom than to carry the burden of stress. Sometimes just sharing your stress gives a sense of relief. Continue with this strategy.


Please walk into the New Year with a new perspective. 

Let it be the year of positive reframing and positive changes in your life. Step into a healthy mind body zone. Honestly it is your birthright.

Reprinted from The Tribune India with permission.

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