New beginnings and new resolutions - Stress Free!

New beginnings and new resolutions - Stress Free!
As the year is coming to a close,we feel once more the need for new beginnings and new resolutions. Each year we are excited when the new year is about to begin and we resolve to do a zillion new things,and yet slowly we allow stress to seep into our system and create a niche within us. It is actually our foremost duty to rid ourselves of this perturbing factor and lead ourselves to a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

Stress is a highly subjective experience.  It of course occurs in individuals when the perceived demands of their situation overwhelms their capacity to handle it. Since we are each one of us unique in our own way,we respond according to our own unique disposition. 

 I feel it is imperative for me to give my readers a general direction to feel a level of happiness and balance so that they can facilitate their own journey towards joy in a happy manner.

 The true answer to living a happy life is to lead a stress free existence.  Many of us are burdened with small issues which we seem to blow into large ones,these are constantly at the back of our minds hounding us to a space of unhappiness in general. 

 Resist this attack from within of your own negative emotions.  Learn to rise beyond the averages which are sucking away into your happiness.

 I am providing you with a few tools here to help you create a nice bucket list for your new year resolution's.  Pick on what suits your personal temperament and set foot on a new journey in the coming year.


 This is extremely important to keep your perception on a gratitude trail. Learn to be grateful for what you have so that you can enhance your positives and negate the negatives. 


 We need to accept our differences.  We are born with certain traits. Some of us are more sensitive to stress than other's.  We cannot really change our dispositions but we can work around them to free ourselves from the effects of stress.


1. Give yourself time . Process what's going on in your life. Spend time on thinking in which direction your life is headed.
2. Use facilitators like meditation, exercise etc 
3. Have a focus you can rely on.
4. Start journaling. Putting your thoughts on paper helps.


1. Planning is essential. Plan in terms of using your time.
2. Financial comfort, this actually include's planning your finances ahead of time.
3. Try to make alternate plans,if plan A doesn't work then use plan B.
4. Strong friendships.  They are a great support in times of stress


 We need to create our own thought patterns to suit our temperament. Optimism has been observed as a healthy and happy state you can arrive at. Optimists are definitely more successful people in general. 


 Exercise leads to emotional happiness too. When the body is fit only then is the mind responsive to joy.



 Allow the control button of your life to be in your hands.  Do not allow external powers to move your choices. The feeling of powerlessness is what causes stress. People with an external locus of control are more prone to depression.


 Perceiving the same situation as a "challenge" instead of a "threat" can make the same situation invigorating. 


 Changing your perception will make you see the gift in the situation you are in


 We must always keep these handy. What are the quick effective ways to calm your mind and body and help you to reverse your stress response. We need to be aware of these to be able to counter stress. 
1. Take a mental break fom your immediate situation. Visualise and create a new and beautiful situation 
2. Take long deep breaths to feel good.
3. Reframe your situation 
4. Take a walk to rejuvenate 
5. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is very helpful.  Here you tense and relax your muscles.


 This allows you to make peace with your negatives. It is only when this happens that you can make peace with your personal stress 


 Remember at all times that the power lies within you to create your own world of happiness.  Access this immense reservoir and look forward to a stress free zone.
Reprinted from The Tribune India with permission.
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