Predictions: Can You Change The Outcome?

predictions Predictions: Can You Change The Outcome?

The most popular blog I’ve written in the past 10 years is on the subject of predictions. Given that everyone needs some empowering things to think about, I revisited the article and gave it a polish for you to enjoy this week.

Over the past 30 years, I think the most asked questions of me are from people asking for my thoughts on predictions they’ve been given by different psychics and intuitives. Some of the common questions are: What do you do if you get a negative prediction? Are predictions absolute or can you change them? Why hasn’t a particular prediction come true yet?

At this juncture, I’m going to mention that for the first 20 years of my professional life the concept of prediction was very important. It was, as an intuitive, my job to look into the realm of possibility and pull out a probable future. After all, it’s part of my skill set and I had a very high level of accuracy which helped build a solid reputation by word of mouth. Today I am not a fan of predictions, for the main reason that the minute we ask to see the future as an absolute – a place we land that promises us an outcome, we give our power away, and take ourselves out of the grounded moment where we have the power to co-create reality in partnership with the universe.

Why did I change my perspective on this subject? Things began to change as I personally explored the notion of absolute determinism vs free will. I started asking the hard questions. Why is it easy to see the future so clearly and at other times see multiple possibilities? Is it ethical to predict the future? What happens to someone when they hear a prediction that keeps them mired in a compulsive relationship pattern? Isn’t it better to track potentials and probabilities where there is room for course correction?

The way I worked changed as I began to focus more on how a person could create their future, attract certain situations and events, and as I explored the nature of synchronicity and intention, I began to recognize how asking for and making predictions could limit a person’s potential.

I’ve worked with over 50,000 people in 29 countries over the last 30 years and have seen many predictions come true while others changed due to free will. And, especially if that person’s focus on personal and spiritual growth and healing became primary, oftentimes they evolved past the prediction point anyway proving we have the capacity to move beyond our projected limitations. I’ve observed again and again that the future is a mutable (or changeable) place and isn’t written in stone for any of us nor should it be.

When I worked one on one with a client, I came to understand that I was looking at an outline of probable realities at the time of the reading. I would be looking at the story of your life—the past, present, and potential future—at that moment. Yes from a point of vantage a likely scenario would be presented, but when I looked there was always an alternative, just like the theory that we live in a multiverse with parallel lives, so can we move across those lines by becoming a new version of ourselves.

I believe we all have a blueprint that draws out the potential story of our fate and destiny, and that certain events and life experiences are preordained, but you still have the pen in your hands. We are always evolving, stories in motion, shifting as we learn, or repeating until we do like a spiral pattern. Although we’re all faithful pattern makers, there are always opportunities to change.

The future is like a moving hologram that morphs as you evolve or don’t evolve.

The popularity and demand for predictive readings spikes when there is social, economic and political unrest. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen. If you do choose to go to someone whose specialty is prediction be mindful of how you feel during the reading and be clear going in that you have the power to course correct and change anything that is said to you. Always go to someone you know has a good reputation not just a fancy website.  And remember even someone popular may see something that you know isn’t right.

If you don’t feel a connection with the psychic or you have a bad feeling about the reading, then trust your inner voice.

For example, I once had a very popular psychic tell me I would never have a relationship with a faithful man. In my heart, I knew that was not true, but it upset me so much it took me ages to shake it. And, as you probably know, I’m now happily married in a loving, very honest, trusting relationship with a completely faithful man. This person also told me that I had reached the height of my career, and I should accept my path as someone who would never attain much. That was a year before I signed a record deal with EMI music followed by meeting Marc, then becoming a Hay House author. So was he wrong, or was it that his reading forced me to make changes in my life that aligned me with where I am today? I believe wholeheartedly in the statement “the act of observation changes that which is being observed.” What he said was impactful and a great impetus for deep inner work, which I did do. But I know about these things and many people do not, as they give power to the reading and accept it as finite.

Sometimes predictions are meant to wake you up.

Oracles can at times be like tricksters, especially when you aren’t listening to them and keep going back to get readings to hear what you want- “yes he is the one even though he dumped me etc. I will get him back, etc.”  I call this oracle abuse. In fact, as a general rule when I was still doing readings I wouldn’t do more than two predictive style readings a year for my clients. When you get too many readings looking for a future confirmation, you’re basically giving your power to the reader. If you keep asking for more signs and guidance through readings about the same subject over and over, the energy becomes desperate and all you see is what’s not there yet. You move from the reading empowering you to the reading fostering lack in your subconscious.

Predictive Readings (and all other kinds too) should be treated with respect. Look to a reading as a means to track your course and to support what you already know or reveal what you may not know on your path. Remember 9 times out of 10 the psychic is seeing what is potential and probable, but you still have to stay in the present and you can’t be a passive couch potato. You must take appropriate action and have faith that Spirit has a plan for you that may or not be revealed to you through a reading with a psychic.

Just remember you are a co-creator of your reality. You are not subject to the whims of fate unless you abdicate your responsibility and accountability for where you are in your life. You have a choice. Never take a prediction as an absolute. Anything can change.

Today when I work with Oracles and teach about them my focus is on empowerment and that means prescription and not an absolute prediction.


Are you getting caught up in a reading you had? Do you find yourself doing oracle card readings over and over about the same things? Even if these questions aren’t true for you, most of us have times when we need to let go and live more in the now. So, set an intention this week to go deeper into each moment and take action in the present. Then write down five steps to take this week, in the now. The actions don’t necessarily have to be about your future. You might need to clean out your closet and donate old clothes, start using sunscreen, or begin eating a healthy breakfast. Or, it may be time to get back to writing, sign up for a class, or do research on a career move.

Meditation is also an excellent way to keep yourself more at peace and in tune with the now. So take some time to meditate! Here is the Opening the Channel meditation. 

Remember, the power is in your now and even small steps will open your future to exciting new possibilities!





“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe

Small Things With Great Love
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