Stop chasing illusions and find lasting happiness

enjoying-carefree-time-picture-id909062252 Stop chasing illusions and find lasting happiness

Happiness and virtue compliment each other, the happiest people have definitely conquered the art of living life in a de-stressed zone. Tranquility of the mind and happiness go hand in hand. It is only when we over commit ourselves to the external that we allow stress, a space to build itself up.

Humans of today have lost themselves to the external world. Meaningless values have gained priority over the true meaningful nuances of life. Chasing material things and living up to the neighbors way of life has become the accepted norm, and living in an anxiety ridden scenario is perhaps considered just "normal".


This concept has become the norm of the day, it is considered fashionable to try and reach a commendably illusional existence. We seem to forget that true happiness arises from within. It is aligned only within our intangible emotional self. The subconscious is truly responsible for this feeling, we can overcome any and every weakness through relying completely on our subconscious mind.


This is only possible once we ourselves realize that true power lies in harnessing the subconscious mind. No matter what marvelous experiences we go through, they never last. They are transitory in nature. But getting rid of stress means you are calm and relaxed and building a super structure of happiness, because you constantly radiate peace and goodwill.


People are always looking for complicated ways to solve life's mysteries. They don't seem to realize that the key to happiness is to embrace simplicity. All the greater joys in life are very simple, dynamic and creative in nature.


When you wake up your first thought and affirmation should be asking for happiness. We need to remember that we are mental magnets. We must attract only that which is going to help us to prosper.


People in general have a habit of being negative and depressed. There is almost a guilt involved and associated with a constant state of happiness in their very perspective. It is as if they are questioning themselves "do i deserve to be happy".

Make sure you are not indulging in defeatist, depressing or negative thoughts.


A desire for happiness is essential. Nothing in life comes to us with no effort. A mental pull and prioritization is required. Visualize a happy state.


We ourselves are completely responsible for creating stress by blocking our minds to the concept of happiness. We set boundaries and limitations on ourselves. Living in these narrow confines is stressful.


When we carry negative emotions like anger and thoughts of revenge, we are accumulating a lot of negative energy which manifests ultimately as stress. We need to let go of our negative thoughts and learn to forgive. In harboring those negative thoughts, we are only harming our own selves by releasing stress creating chemical from our brains into our bloodstream, thereby leading to various diseases.

Forgiveness rids us of this burden of negative thinking and we can scale new heights.


When we give love, peace and joy to others it comes back to us double fold. It is the law of nature. Trust the process.


Learn to handle life at your own terms. Being at the helm of affairs is important. Create a mental image to represent a reality. Harness the subconscious and conscious to release only positive thoughts.


This is essential to reach a goal. Keep the vision always in front of you.


Fear is our greatest enemy. Be it present, past or fear of the future. Send a thought into the realm of the conscious. In order to eradicate fear we need to treat it from within.


Joy is our birthright, we have to push ourselves in the right direction, with the correct tools, to claim it.

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