Stress Relievers for the introvert

iStock-486184768 If you know how to deal with your own emotions, you will naturally respect the other person's boundaries.

Am I shy of being myself or am I wary of projecting who I am truly from within?

Is social acceptance such a huge issue with me that it makes me wear a mask all the time?

Keeping up appearances does inevitably take a toll on us. These are questions we need to constantly keep asking ourselves. There are answers we are constantly seeking. We need to first and foremost accept our ourselves, if we are seeking true happiness. We need to not be embarrassed about feeling differently from the crowd.


We normally just remain in an agreeable mode, just going along with the tide.
We can sense an inner sense of rebellion but we tend to quieten that voice as a sense of social conformity exists at a very high level within us.


This can actually be explained as an ability to express oneself, to not allow our inner selves to be inhibited. To be appropriately open and honest. To project one's own persona objectively.

This feeling also comes to us with an increased feeling of self awareness, due to honest self acceptance.
To some people assertiveness comes naturally, but with some, those who are more shy and inhibited, it can be a learned skill.


This is an issue that leads to huge amounts of stress overload. Being assertive and trying to do truly what the heart desires.


A lot of times people will confuse the two, but this is not correct, they are both completely different.

Aggressiveness is disrespectful,  manipulative and abusive.  People here tend to make negative assumptions about other people's motives and start relating accordingly.  This creates unnecessary conflict. Passive individuals fearing the conflict let their needs get suppressed.  In order to maintain peace, they let others win. The smart and sensible attitude would be to avoid conflict,  but be firm in your convictions and attitude. Do not allow suppressed feelings to accumulate.


Aggressiveness alienates others, whereas assertiveness creates a calm bridge between our feelings and actions.


Avoiding conflict by avoiding to communicate one's own needs and feelings is damaging in the long run as it leads to failed relationships. A constant suppression of feelings leads to pent up anger, this in turn comes up as a burst of aggression.


It is imperative to take stock of one's own emotional state and responses to situations in relationships.


Assertive communication can strengthen relationships, reduce stress from conflict and give the comfort of social support.


Assertiveness can help in understanding difficult relationships, specially among closer people, difficult family members, friends and colleagues.


Once you make peace by acceptance of each others persona, you relax and get happy.
Too much passivity will lead to stress and resentment.
The trick is to maintain a balance.
Aggression leads to hurt feelings.


Don't exaggerate, label or judge. Being factual is imperative.


If you know how to deal with your own emotions, you will naturally respect the other person's boundaries. Be pleasant in your approach to others. Try to reach them with love. A calm peaceful but firm approach works very well. Watch your relationships thrive and grow in this environment and watch the stress disappear from your life.

Enjoy your new relaxed state.

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