It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The 5 Causes of Suffering and How To Stop


Suffering is caused by the story you make up about your reality.

What stories are you making up about yourself, your life and those around you?

What impact are they having?

It’s not what happens to you but how you interpret and what you make things mean that causes you suffering.

Suffering is not a requirement.

Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.

You choose.

We sometimes become addicted to suffering as a false way to feel alive, and struggle becomes the drug of choice that we use for a cheap high.

From a young age we become conditioned, and as a result disconnected from ourselves, our feelings, and our innate aliveness. Then as a way to FEEL, we often unconsciously create drama, struggle and suffering in an attempt to reconnect with this aliveness.

You suffer because:

  1. You forgot who you really are – That you are whole, perfect and complete. That you are a magnificent expression of the Divine. Thus you start seeking outside for what you think will complete you. This is a never-ending quest and will only create more suffering. Nothing outside can complete you.
  2. You resist reality – Fighting reality in an attempt to maintain control. Control is the master addiction. Trying to control life, people around you, much of which is not in your control, is a recipe for suffering. So focus only on what is actually in your control and learn to accept life as it is. Before you change your reality, you must first accept your current reality.
  3. Focusing on the past or the future – none of which is happening now. We beat ourselves up about our past which we can’t change. Or we create negative future fantasies about the future which hasn’t happened and may never happen. We then experience the fear of the future fantasy in the present as though it was real. This only leads to suffering. So breathe and stay in the present moment.

You do not need to suffer and struggle anymore. Suffering is not a reflection of how spiritual you are.

Life loves you unconditionally exactly as you are in this very moment. You do not need to earn the love of the Universe or God.

You are enough exactly as you are.

So Surrender.

To surrender is to give up resisting life and let go of control. This can sometimes be scary because it requires that “you” dissolve. But when you surrender, you open yourself to be lived by that which is living everything.

Dare to be LIVED by life itself, then struggle ceases and Life moves through you in miraculous ways.



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