It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Power of Encouragement

encouragement The Power of Encourage

Why We Need It Now More than Ever

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like the world is heavy on your shoulders? Maybe it’s a string of days that turn into long weeks of self-doubt and wandering through your life without feeling connected to anything or anyone. You need a little encouragement, but you’re not finding it anywhere.


Your friends have busy lives. You don’t want to burden them with your restlessness.


You don’t want to confide in your family because you don’t want to be a source of worry.


Yet, you need something. You need connection and encouragement.


Today, the human race is connected at so many points. Yet, these connection centers (aka social media) feel fractured and inauthentic. If we’re not careful, we end up with half friendships and empty attachments. Yet, we gravitate towards these relationships because we’re humans and humans need each other. Sometimes we just don’t realize how much.


The Power of Encouragement

Let me ask you a question. Think back to the last time someone encouraged you. How did this make you feel? Did it give you wings you didn’t know you had to take flight? Did those words of reassurance make you feel seen and heard?


I’ve written before about how we need to practice emotional self-reliance. That we can’t expect others to always fulfill our emotional and physical needs. I still believe this, but as I’ve walked along the path of intentional living and mindful thought, I’ve realized just how powerful encouragement is to our soul.


Human beings are not solitary creatures. When we’re alone without our people by our side raising us up, our energy is stale. Our synchronicity is off, and we feel casted out, unsure of the direction to go.


I’m sure you’ve had those day. We all have. That is also human nature. But what happens on those days when your energy needs a little light and someone gives you a compliment? What happens when a friend or lover notices that you’re moving towards something great and encourages you to go the distance?


Do you suddenly feel lighter? Do you feel like you’ve been lifted over the hurdle standing in your path?


That, my friends, is the power of encouragement.


Steady + Flight

Together we’re the perfect balance of steady + flight.”


I absolutely love this quote from Sara Pietila, creator of Earl Grey & Polka Dots. Sara created a line of products (stationery, mugs, and encouragement postcards) that invites more people to find ways to encourage each other.


Life. It can look messy sometimes. But in the trenches of being human, there is space for us to lift each other up and love one another,” Sara shared on her Instagram.


How right she is!


This is a sentiment that rings true for all of us and the reason we need each other’s encouragement more than ever.


Let’s Raise Each Other Up

The higher we raise each other up, the more we achieve. As we move into the month of July, I encourage you to unleash your power of encouragement on the world. Let those around you know that they matter and that they’re doing the best job with what they have now.


Pass along an encouraging word and watch the ripple effect take shape.


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