The Power that Defeats Defeat

ethnicity-diversity-careless-freedom-people-chill-hangout-figure-picture-id933411116 The Power that Defeats Defeat

You possess a potential power that is superior to any difficulty that life may ever present. This immense inner capability enables anyone who will claim it to instantly rise above his challenge. It makes no difference what form the challenge may assume or how huge it looms. This latent power of yours can render it harmless and ultimately make it disappear. This friendly force that can turn your life into a series of victories is the power to question defeat. 

If we honestly examine the way we presently question our defeats, we will see that we are still desperately seeking answers that serve only to correct the surface or exterior conditions. We blame circumstances for crushing us. By their very nature, our old questions tend to make and then keep us victims, because these questions imply that someone or something outside of ourselves is punishing us. No human being is a victim of any punishment outside of his own undeveloped life level from which his inner reactions are seen as outer attacks. This is why we must learn to turn our questions into tools for developing self-wholeness instead of letting them lead us off in the wrong direction. 

These ten new questions are the power that defeats defeat. They alone insure total victory. Use these questions to see the difference between how you used to think and how you will question defeat from now on. You will win!

Questions for Self-Wholeness

1.)  Instead of always asking yourself, "Why do these things always happen to me?"

      Learn to ask: " What is it inside me that attracts these painful situations?"

2.)  Instead of always asking yourself why things had to go this way or be that way..

      Learn to ask: "Why is the way I feel always determined by external conditions?"

3). Instead of always asking yourself how to protect yourself in challenging situations..…

      Learn to ask: What is it in me that always needs to be defended.

4). Instead of always asking yourself how to clear up your mental fog..

      Learn to ask: "Can confusion know anything about clarity?"

5). Instead of always asking yourself what to do about tomorrow (or the next minute)...

     Learn to ask: "Can there ever be intelligence in anxiety or worry?"

6). Instead of always asking yourself "Why does so-and-so act this or that way?"

     Learn to ask: "What's inside me that wants to hurt itself over how anyone acts?"

7). Instead of always crying out, "Why me?"

      Learn to ask: "Who is this "me" that always feels this way?"

8). Instead of always asking yourself if you've made the right choice..

      Learn to ask: "Can fear ever make a safe decision?"

9). Instead of always asking yourself, "Why doesn't so-and-so see how wrong they are…?"

     Learn to ask: "Is what I'm feeling about that person right now good for me? Or them?"

10). Instead of always asking yourself how to get others to approve of you..

      Learn to ask: "What do I really want, the applause of the crowds or to quietly have my own life?"


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