It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Prospering Power of Attention

Colette-Baron-Reid-The-prospering-power-of-attention secret everybody forgets when getting on the manifesting train

My friend the late Dr. Wayne Dyer always said that the power of Intention was the single most important aspect to keep in mind when considering the subject of “reality creation”. What’s that? The ability to create our own reality is wired right into us and is the most natural thing we could do (nobody teaches us this hmmm I wonder why?)

SO, If you’re reading this you are probably already a card-carrying manifesting enthusiast and if you’re new to me you may not be aware but you are seriously doing it all the time!


Let’s first talk about when we do it without awareness. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and all the chatty stuff that runs through our minds arise from a conditioned part of us that runs on automatic pilot. It’s called the subconscious, and essentially shows us what we expect to see in the world (even the crappy stuff). This “programmed” mind has only so many stations to tune into (imagine your mind is a radio). The stories you hear and experience relate to what you tune into. So when you are driven by anger, greed, resentment, racism, scarcity, you may not even be aware you’re generating this dial.

The Universe is Conscious and aware of us and itself and will present to you anything you’re constantly dialed into as your reality. You know the days you wake up all pissy and every driver on the road is that way too! The day you wake up all happy and grateful (or, after you meditate) notice how the world around you reflects that? Your response to what you see is decidedly different and your perspective changes. Same world different colors etc. You don’t end up on a different planet you just see different things, tune into a higher vibe, and get a new dial on your mind’s radio.

Conscious Intention is when you have decided you are going to listen to a different station. You choose to listen to say, SoulFM instead of ScarcityAM. You use your imagination to consider what you determine and call it forth from the Conscious Universe. Now, if you are consistent BINGO – consistent opportunities to see things differently and manifest new experiences.

The one thing people seem to forget is that it’s not just you that is the manifester. The secret is in learning how to engage in the partnership with the Universe. You have the power to make the invisible visible, the unmanifest manifest, the desire made real only when you work within the partnership. You do your part- the deciding, then the doing-(you can’t just sit on your butt and dream)  then the crucial most forgotten part is the surrender.

You set the Intention in motion, kind of like curling, you keep your little broom on the ice but the movement is in the hands of the Universe, the end result and the how is not yours to know or to bother to figure out. Once the Intention is mobile you let it go and then watch the miracles as your world starts to rearrange itself. Synchronicity begins to show up all over the place just like unwrapping holiday gifts. It’s all a fabulous surprise!

We will talk more about this in the future but just for today, check in with yourself and see what your thoughts and feelings and beliefs are projecting. Don’t like it? Change it! We always have a choice. Even when life hands us gross rotten lemons. We could turn around and make it fertilizer for our Field of Dreams. Beautiful things grow out of stinky manure. It’s all about the Intention and your partnership with the Universe.


Love you always and forever,


“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe

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