Tips to Keep You on Your Path to Happiness

As we are well on our way into the New Year, our new hopes and aspirations seem firmly entrenched within our system and we seem to be on our way to a new beginning or at least a face lift to our old selves. Each year there are many resolves we make and yet slowly, they all melt down to the common potpourri of whatever is our normal daily life. No matter how hard we try to remain steadfast in our daily resolves, the moving Sands of time make it all wither away.

To keep oneself duly on the path ,one needs resilience and commitment.  This has to come from within. We constantly need to work on ourselves to keep us there on our committed path towards health and happiness. I am trying to facilitate my readers to stay on the path by using a few tips I have gathered over the years through intense research. Of course we all desire to wish it all away but we need to work our way to happiness.

Wishful Thinking
Most of us wish we could wave a magic wand and wish all our stressors away. What a blissful feeling to live in joy and harmony by just wishful thinking.
But practical reality tells us that no matter how much we wish our thoughts away, they don't go. We need to create practical ways and means of dealing with them. We need to know how to turn our thoughts around so that we can use them to our advantage

Relaxing Space

Our foremost thing is to have a relaxed physical space. Create it at home if possible. Your own spot where your level of comfort is the highest. When you are here your mind and body just step into a relaxed mode.

A Warm Bath

You could turn your bathroom to a spa like environment.  Visualise it like a spa scenario.  A hot bath always de stresses you. So create your own space.

Choose from Your Own Happy Habits
We all have our comfort zone's over the years that kept us going on the happiness path.Pick up on a few things which kept you the happiest and put them into your mental framework, use those now in your daily functioning.

Short Power Naps
Whenever fatigue sets in just take that 10 minutes nap that refreshes you and rejuvenate's your system. This is your "on your marks get set go" strategy. 

Walk Backwards Into Time
Relive your good old days. There were things that made you happy in your earlier times just go back into your mental space, relive the feeling. It is most relaxing and enjoyable to be there.

Connect to Your Childhood
Most of us have a bagful of childhood memories which we have sealed and put away. Open this Pandora''s box and discover the treasure of joy inside it. Connect to your inner child. The joys of childhood are unimaginable.  Irretrievable experience's revived again. 

We have all of us lived some carefree times, just connect to these again to relive the feelings and experience. 

We do feel it is challenging to find stress relievers constantly, but then to face the vagaries of stress is even more stressful. The strategies for stress relief sound so simple that we often need to overlook them. Our minds have been conditioned to accept complicated techniques as more effective. 

Simplicity is Powerful
We need to understand the power in simplicity. Life is very simple, we make it very complicated with our own unimaginable agendas. Learn to keep life at a simple level and blow your stress away.

Guided Imagery
This helps in building optimism and keeps you in a happy mode. Sitting in the comfort of your home,you mentally visualise what keeps you happy. Constant focus on your own visions creates a powerful reality.

Self Hypnosis 
A simple and relaxing way of changing your habits. You can here learn to change your negative thought patterns to positive ones. A great tool to stress relieving  and very worth a try.

Play Games
These will help you take your mind off your stressors.  Just live simple happy moments

Simply the physical act of laughing releases tension and brings positive physiological changes.

Breathing Exercises 
We can practice this anywhere and everywhere to facilitate de stressing.

Maintaining a constant regime of stress management is imperative.  It may sound like a boring routine but it is the only most effective way to keep your life on a happy scale.

Reprinted from The Tribune India with permission.
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