What If You Could Turn All Your Wrong-Doers Into Angels

thankyou What If You Could Turn All Your Wrong-Doers Into Angels.

Imagine this…… one day - seemingly out of the blue - you have an awareness that all your rejections and “failures” are gifts, and all the “wrong-doers” in your life are actually,  angels and/or spiritual guides - leading you (or knocking you back) to your true path. 

If a person throws you away,

Say thank you.  

If you get fired from a job,

Say thank you.  

If your forever relationship ends,

Say thank you. 

If no one shows up for your event

Say thank you.  

If you keep hitting walls, 

Say thank you (and look for a door!)

What?  Why would you keep saying thank you when your world keeps turning upside down?  

BECAUSE all those "wrong-"doers, all the people, places and events that have caused you deep and horrific pain are actually helping to keep you on your true path. 

If you have been asking a Higher Power for help, you are getting it - even if you can’t see it yet. 

When I first heard (in my head) what you just read, I was stunned that my very own imagination was that creative.  I thought it might be the beginning of a Sci-fi book about a Utopian society, but perhaps even too unrealistic for fiction. 

However, the idea would not go away.   I tried to figure out where it came from and what did it mean.  Follow me, if you choose, as I take you on a journey from hatred to love.  

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last 30 years doing “forgiveness work.” Some people have told me they “do not believe” in forgiving. I, on the other hand, am a huge fan of doing whatever it takes to let go of the power “wrong-doers” seem to have over my emotions.  I have also heard it expressed as “no more free rent in my head.”   

Parallel to this work I have had a tagline ( or an affirmation) for about 20 years that “Even bad things happen to me good.”  

Repeating the affirmation over and over, along with forgiving, grows my self-worth which is why I keep doing it. 

However, even with my dedication to releasing the hold “wrong-doers” seem to have on my emotions, the darkness would still on occasion sneak back in through cracks in my armor. Now, there is a clue - I would not need armor if I had completely let go of past.  

I think I tend to know the truth long before I can embody truth.  

It has been a long and tenacious journey but worth it.  With each step of the journey I could feel the relief of release.  About a year ago I began seeing patterns with the “wrong-doers” who crossed my path.  It seemed as if I just kept attracting the same person with a different name and face.  I had previously learned that was because I was still working out stuff from my childhood. But then started wondering if it was more. 

What if their purpose was about teaching me even more?  What if my “wrong-doers” were part of a higher plan?

What if the “abuse” was actually happening for a higher good - for me and for them.  How can I think that?

I realized every time I got hurt or thrown away, I would do my discovery work and see I was actually closer to my truth.  Like a pinball machine that keeps knocking the balls back to the one true path (if you are working them correctly) and that is how you win. 

So when I quit blaming and started thanking, I felt my bliss.

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