It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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What Is Yours Will Not Go Past You

What Is Yours Will Not Go Past You What Is Yours Will Not Go Past You

I remember the first time I heard this statement 30 years ago, and, (as a newly minted magical thinking new ager) I took it to mean that I would “easily and effortlessly” manifest what I want. After all, if I desire something should I not be able to manifest it?


“What is truly yours will not be withheld from you”, and “If you can imagine it you can create it”, became two statements that have challenged me over the years to dive deep and find the courage to face what I didn’t want to face.


The fact is that life will not always give me exactly what I want in the form I insist upon, and that chasing anything to make it so will not yield the fruits of either statement no matter how much I try to manipulate it.


If something eludes you, chasing it will only lead to heartache, or boredom.


My key chain has one of those teeny laser lights you can beam on the floor in front of your cat to get her to chase it. My puppy loved it at first. Jumping on it, not knowing where this magical red dot came from, sure that she would eventually catch it and make it hers, she endured the constant teasing with gusto.


Now she looks at it, snorts and walks away and looks for a more stable chewy, one that has more stability and flavor. She quickly figured out that the bright red dot meant she would not win.


I really think sometimes life feels like that when you’re in the deliberate conscious manifesting mode. Chasing after the bright red dot …have you ever done that, or felt like it? So sure that “ THIS is THE THING, or he is THE ONE etc.” only to find yourself running around going nowhere?


Red flags, the symbolic human version of the bright red dot, do the same thing. They are warnings that something is amiss, that the door you’re knocking on isn’t meant to open for you. They are beautiful tricksters for the obsessive goal chasers but they also serve a purpose beyond saying “not for you.”


Not always portending that something is “bad” or harmful, often times they are a signal for course correction especially when you’re in a transition or consciously desiring a change in your life. Red flags are also invitations to make a new choice, shift your focus and find the courage to do something different.


The red flags say you must change in order to continue on the journey, look deep and ask the hard questions “Am I willing to become the person that lives this life I think I want? Will I make the sacrifice? Can I be accountable and responsible to steward this forward with the greatest integrity? Do I believe in myself enough? Am I worthy? Am I chasing something without knowing the consequences?


When you want to make a change, create something new for yourself, you have to become the person that can step into that change. That takes work.


What is “yours” is determined by how clear you are, and only then will the universe reflect that accurately in divine timing in the form not wholly determined by you but yes you have to participate in that too.


Wishy washy you = wishy washy results.


The right use of imagination, knowing how you want to serve, allowing inspiration to flow through you to help guide your next step and then seeing the reflection of what is “yours” in its integrity.


What we co-create is determined by how much of us is in alignment with that which we desire. Every time you up-level your life, you need to change and become the person willing to go to any lengths to meet that new version of you. You cannot take your old self with you.


This is why we need to be brave to either surrender the dream altogether knowing deep down we’re not willing to do the things we need to in order to be that person who has that life, or do what it takes to move beyond the old familiar internal obstacles that keep us chasing that bright red dot.


So yes “ what is yours will not go past you” is true but more complex than we think.


And, “Rejection is God’s protection” is another good one that reminds us that something better will take its place, or in a deeper way, a way to reflect about what needs to change in order to become the person that can have that, live that, go there, surrender to, love fully, be present to, create etc. It’s also a reminder that we live in a Conscious Universe within which we are unique and are invited daily to live awake, inspired and authentic.


So .. if you desire a better life the question I pose this week is do you know what you need to shift in order to become the person who lives that life? If you don’t have the answer intellectually choose an oracle card to help you reflect.


This is what my oracle cards are for – deep spirited self honesty and personal mastery .. way showers to your most authentic free and powerful self… the modern mystical way.


You coming?


We are in this together.


Love you always and forever…


“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe

Ginger Cannellini Bruschetta
Manifesting in 2018

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