Being A Human Being is Compassion

You came here to be a human being. This means you came here to have the experience of being human. Why? You have to ask yourself “why as this infinite consciousness have I chosen at this time to be a human being?”

When you look around, humanity has forgotten its essential nature. We’ve forgotten who and what we truly are. You are here as an act of service, love and compassion. Being a human being is compassion. You come here from infinite source energy and potential and then you forget everything because you can’t hold on to the vastness of who you are in the limitations of your human form – especially human survival. 

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Wisdom Is An Attribute

The word author-ity is an interesting word.

Some people are the authors of their own lives, they live, they laugh, they learn. They tell a story that includes all factors of their life; the joy and the pain, the triumph and the tragedy.While others are authors of ity-bity stuff and they can’t seem to get out of the rut.

It is so comforting when we start to see how we have become wiser because of the hard work or the determination that we have put forth to improve ourselves. Wisdom is an attribute that we seem to appreciate more because of trial and error or through life experience and challenge. Standing up for who you are is empowering, yet it remains uncommon because most people are followers and do not want to be criticized for being different. In the word en-COURAGE-ment is the word takes a true dedication to speak up for what you feel and honor your feelings.

Let all the lessons you have endured in your life give you the right to BE.

The Truth of Life Unfolds in the Present Moment

Knowledge, regardless of its sophisticated nature, is a tool. It arises from and belongs to what has passed. As such it embodies, defines, and relates us to life through what we already know about the world around us. By definition, this kind of understanding is limited.

However, no system of thought can stand up to the ever-shifting changes of real life, let alone meet those same changes fearlessly. Regardless how sophisticated its knowledge, the Self that knows itself only through its own conditioned thinking can never develop beyond the content of itself, any more than a math equation can suddenly outgrow the line of symbols responsible for its form.

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Today I want to touch on one of my favorite topics: INTUITION!

During these times when personal and world events trigger a variety of emotions, it is important to remember that you have tools that empower and support you … the greatest of those being your own personal guidance system – your intuition.

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The Secret Of True Abundance

In most people’s minds abundance and lack are opposites—it is obvious which countries are rich and poor. But even in a wealthy society, abundance meets troubling obstacles of economic and social inequality. The path to success is rocky for nearly everyone, and making more money doesn’t save you from feeling insecure inside. When you combine these factors with the prevailing belief that success depends on hard work, struggle, and fiercely competitive drive, the whole picture is gloomy and at best filled with risks.

I think that the picture is distorted. The secret to abundance lies within, and there is a path to it without struggle achievable by everyone. This is the path laid out in detail in my new book, Abundance: The Inner Path to Wealth . It proposes an inner path that is completely compatible with spiritual growth and personal evolution. Let’s clear away at once the notion that spirituality is the opposite of material success.

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The success you seek. It is a both/and.

Success is an expression of the unfoldment of your true nature. 

Sustainable success is the embodiment of the Essential Self landing on earth and rising as fulfillment.

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Choosing our Intent is the Essence of Our Free Will

We are beings of free will. We can choose to allow our ego wounded self to guide us, or we can choose to allow our higher guidance to guide us. An important aspect of the spiritual path is the path of healing the wounded self, so that we are able to release our ego will to our higher will.

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Life In Flow Is The Antithesis of Control

What is it you still need to control? Real world examples include being afraid for your children so you control parenting, or some of you might have old financial narratives so you’ve been controlling in the area of money. Others have been controlling in relationships because you are afraid of being hurt.

We’ve been shown over and over again that we don’t have any control and never, in fact, had any control. So how do we continue exerting some level of control within our own beings when everything in our life is just doing whatever it’s doing? The answer is because you are afraid. 

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The Power Of Your Own Choice

Life is what you make of it. We are controlled by our thoughts. Most of the time we are only reacting to what goes on in our thinking mind. 
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How to Listen to Your Intuition and Follow Your Inner Wisdom

By: Jennifer Joy Jiménez

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

I adore that Steve Jobs quote because it says something so true about intuition.

The Creator Of Our Reality

The infinite wisdom that lies within our subconscious mind is our infinite power.

This is the Creator of our Reality. The deep truths of the world lie hidden deep within our subconscious. We need to align within ourselves to arrive at our ultimate truth, to create our ultimate reality.
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Experiencing Life Consciously

Think of your life and the experiences that you are having as the entertainment that keeps you engaged while your light is present in this reality. What you always have to remember is that life is about keeping your light in form in this reality. That’s why it’s important to not put too much of an emphasis on what’s happening in your life, rather, just observe it and be with it. 

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Look For Yourself

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”
Theodore Roosevelt

I've Been Thinking...

“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”

I love those words written decades ago by the poet Emily Dickinson. Her words resonate deeply with me on so many levels.

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You Are Never Alone: A Global Safety Net

The most basic need in anyone’s life is to feel safe. All other attainments are built from this baseline. If you usually feel safe, you are likely to be more productive in your life. But we can all remember times when there were serious setbacks. Then a downward spiral can develop. Whatever the emotion that overtakes us—feeling weak, unwanted, desperate, dejected, or anxious—there is one common element: We feel isolated and alone.

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Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em

You are all playing unwinnable games. The unwinnable games are games that keep you engaged in the illusion and distract you from the truth of who you are. 

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Bring It Baby!, The Courage To Be Creative

There is power in daring to be different.

I encourage you to be a little bit more daring in your one true life. After all, it takes courage to be creative. 

Great advances have never come from the conventionally minded among us.  It always comes from us “idiots” who believe in love and freedom and goodness and peace. The fools of today are the visionaries of tomorrow.

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Imagine What Could Be

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”
Shirley Chisholm

I've Been Thinking...

One of my oldest and dearest friends is moving. My great friend Carl is leaving Los Angeles for Costa Rica (!), and this past week we held a goodbye lunch for him in my office. It was a sweet send-off with hugs, laughs, and toasts to a man and a friendship that everyone described as otherworldly.

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Discover How to Create Your Dream life as You Let your Complications Go

Now is the perfect time for each of us to shift our energy and attention into our dreams. 

Everything in both your world, and my world has been designed by our thoughts, actions and core beliefs. Based on that principle, liberation occurs, when we as individuals recognize our power and actively create our life experiences. Keep reading and discover how to generate your dreams as you let go of a complicated life.

Periodically I like to do an inventory on my life and gain clarity on everything I have manifested and created. Some things in my life are delicious; other things have reached their expiration date. Now is the perfect time for each of us to shift our energy and attention to our dreams.

What is the difference between manifesting and creating?

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Fly High With Your Own Inner Reality

Ever since the New Year I have been bombarded with new ideas, new concepts and completely new ways of thought. The past two years have been periods of deep contemplation, new concentrated ideating, metamorphic changes in my personal thought process and tremendous transitioning. 
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Cling Less, Love More

Are you getting rope burn?

The Practice:
Cling less, love more


As a rock climber and a parent, I know some physical kinds of clinging are good – like too small holds or small hands!

But clinging as a psychological state has a feeling of tension in it, and drivenness, insistence, obsession, or compulsion. As experiences flow through the mind – seeing, hearing, planning, worrying, etc. – they have what’s called a “hedonic tone” of being pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. It’s natural to like what’s pleasant and to dislike what’s unpleasant: no problem so far. But then the mind takes it a step further – usually very quickly – and tries to grab what’s pleasant, fight or flee from what’s unpleasant, or prod what’s neutral to get pleasant: this quality of grabbing, pushing, resisting, or pressing is the hallmark of clinging.

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