Life Is A Miracle

Life Is A Miracle  - Renee Singh
We often hear the statement that "Life is a Miracle" This is the absolute creation of your subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious is beyond all measure. It is the inspiring and guiding light in our lives. 

Our subconscious controls our heartbeat and circulation.  It controls all the vital functions of our body,  and has  answers to all our problems. This is one part of our Being that never sleeps. Always on the job. 

You need to just make a suggestion to your subconscious before you sleep, that you want a certain thing accomplished a certain way, you will be amazed to see how the forces within you will align, to lead to your desired result. 


Whatever is impressed on your subconscious screen is expressed on your screen of space. Whatever is felt as true subjectively, is expressed as events. 


All through Nature, we could find this law of action and reaction, of rest and motion. When these two are in balance, then there is harmony and equilibrium. 

Allow life to flow through you rhythmically and harmoniously. 


Negative thoughts are destructive, and they generate destructive emotions which need to find an outlet. These negative emotions come up as expressions in the body in the form of ulcers, heart problems, anxiety and stress. 


Every part of your being expresses an idea. Your vitality, body, financial condition, friends, social status represent and reflect your idea of yourself. 

We harm ourselves with negative ideas about our own selves. We may get angry,  jealous or vengeful. 

We are not born with negative attitudes, these are the poisons we allow inside. 

Feed your subconscious mind life giving thoughts, and you will wipe out all the negative patterns lodged within it.  As we continue to do this, all the past will be wiped away, and remembered no more. 


The subconscious has an idea of how to heal, restore and direct all functions of the body. But for it to function at its optimum,  we have to give it the idea of perfect health. 


The Infinite Intelligence in the subconscious mind heals."My body and all its organs were created by the subconscious mind , it knows how to heal, the Infinite healing presence transforms every cell to make it perfect and whole. I give thanks for healing."

Give the idea of life giving patterns of wholeness, beauty and perfection to your subconscious mind, and see them force away all the images and patterns of thoughts lodged in the subconscious.

Nothing happens in the body before the mental pattern being created in your subconscious. 

We injure ourselves with the negative patterns by allowing them space within. 

Feed the subconscious with life giving thoughts. You were not born with any negative attitudes. Wipe away all the negative patterns lodged within.  

Life is a Miracle just learn to "Live it"


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