Light Your Sexual Fire in 2020

Light Your Sexual Fire in 2020 Light Your Sexual Fire in 2020

When you think about your intentions for 2020, is sexuality on the list?

Do you honor your sexuality as vital to your health, happiness, and life purpose? 

Many people think of sexuality as insignificant and separate from the rest of their lives. Some put sex (or solo self-pleasure) last on their to-do list. Others forget about it completely.

Sexuality is far more than what happens in the bedroom (or occasionally on the kitchen counter).  

Your sexuality impacts every aspect of your life, including your career, money flow, health, and spirituality. Honoring your sexuality can drastically improve your life in 2020.

My journey has been living proof that sexuality matters. Before I honored my sexuality, I was a workaholic who smiled on the outside yet secretly struggled with an eating disorder, severe self-doubt, and health issues. I was sad, single, sick, and stressed.

Embracing my sexuality helped me heal and create the life I wanted. With the help of my sexual energy, I healed long-standing health issues, manifested the romantic relationship of my dreams, transformed body image issues into body confidence, and created a thriving business that I love. And best of all, I now feel confident, happy, and free.

What is Sexual Energy?

Your sexual energy is your life force energy. It is your soul essence flowing through your physical body. Your sexual energy is your vitality. It fuels your creativity and creative expressions in the world.

Interestingly, your sexual energy is not just about having sex. This energy flows through you at all times. You may be more aware of it when you feel turned on, passionate, or excited. Yet it’s always there and available to help you improve every aspect of your life.


8 Ways Your Sexuality Can Improve Your Life

1) Health

Sex has many proven health benefits. It can relieve stress, boost your immune system, improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost your mood, thanks to feel-good hormones and chemicals that are released during sex, including dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

Do you wish you had more energy to get through the day? Engaging in sexuality activity with your partner or sexual self-pleasure by yourself can keep your batteries charged. What a great way to fill your cup, so you can feel energized and give from an overflowing cup!

Staying healthy often looks like yoga, green drinks, and meditation. Yet sex should be top of the list of healthy practices for 2020.

2) Creativity and Creative Projects

Sex is often associated with procreation and giving birth to a child. Did you know that your sexual energy can also help you give birth to creative projects? It is the energy of creation, whether you want to create music, art, books, teachings, or solutions that change the world.


3) Self-Love and Confidence

On the spiritual journey, we often hear the importance of self-love. How can you love yourself if you do not love your sexuality (which is your soul essence or life force)? During the last 20 years of supporting clients, I have realized that we cannot experience true self-acceptance or self-love if we harbor shame, guilt, or discomfort with our sexuality, our sexual history, our body, or our genitals. Embracing your sexuality allows you to experience deep self-love, confidence, and freedom.


4) Divine Connection and Worthiness 

Do you want to connect more deeply with the Divine? Sacred sexuality is like dancing with the Divine. In fact, the entire universe was created from an energetic orgasm or explosion of love. Embracing your sexuality can help you feel connected to the Divine, whether you call that God, Source, Creator, Spirit, Universe, or something else.

Since your sexual energy is your life force or soul essence flowing through your physical body, it can also help you connect with your own divinity and light. This can help you embody your worthiness and experience wholeness, oneness, love, beauty, and deep peace.


5) Money and Abundance

If your money flow is blocked, most likely your sexuality is blocked too. The lower 2 chakras, the root and sacral, are related to both sexuality and money. 

Sexuality is meant to be a dance of giving and receiving. Are your receiving channels open and free? Do you feel safe to receive?

Do you feel worthy of sexual pleasure? Do you feel worthy of financial abundance? Freeing your sexual energy can open up your money flow and help you manifest other forms of abundance too, such as opportunities, friendships, joy, love, and more.


6) Romantic Relationship

 Happy couples often have happy sex lives. However, even if you are single, you can enjoy sexual self-pleasure on your own. Your sexual energy can help you call in your soul mate. How cool is that?

If you are in a relationship, engaging in meaningful sex with your partner can deepen the love and connection that you share. You can connect more deeply on a soul level and heart level.

7) Happiness and Fulfillment

Sexuality matters to our happiness! Numerous studies have shown that people who have sex once a week or more are happier than people who have less sex less frequently. This means showing up at work happier, having more patience with your kids or family, and being calmer when stuck in traffic. Happiness is available at your fingertips.

8) Intuition

Do you want to hear your intuition more clearly? Moving your sexual energy through sex or solo self-pleasure clears your energy field and chakras. This can help you be a clear vessel so you can receive clarity and intuitive guidance from your soul, your angels, and the Divine, including solutions to problems, creative ideas, and inspiration.

Are you feeling inspired to add sexuality to your intentions for 2020? Are you willing to embrace and honor your sexuality? Here is an action step to get you started.


Action Step: Light Your Sexual Fire

Make a list of 5 things that turn you on, such as listening to sensual music, dancing in a sensual way, or wearing sexy underwear or clothes. Add these 5 turn-ons to your daily life to start lighting your sexual fire.

Also, remember to make time for sex or solo self-pleasure, even if you must schedule it into your calendar. Stay tuned for more articles on how to light your sexual fire in 2020!

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