Listening To Your Body and CHOICE!

gold-fashion-makeup-art-beauty-face-lips-make-up-in-golden-sparkles-picture-id1097030588-1 Listening To Your Body and CHOICE!

I wonder how you are doing with listening to your body while in quarantine and moving through this experience?

Our body is such a miraculous container. It can create miracles in so many profound ways.

And I know that the physical body is getting a lot of attention right now and not all of it is positive.

How are you feeling in your body? How well are you listening to your body? How is your body working for you and how are you working with your body?

Those are some of the questions I would like you to sit with.

It is so important right now to be listening to the messages and the signs and the symptoms that your body is showing you. Your body gives you messages to let you know whether you are in alignment with your thoughts or emotions … or if you’re disconnected and not present.

YOUR body gives YOU insight into everything: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I believe that my body is always speaking to me. It’s always teaching me. It is always letting me know – when I am in alignment and when I am out-of-alignment – and ultimately it helps me stay in alignment.

When things are out-of-alignment, it gets my attention … and usually it gets my attention gently and softly at first. And then if I do not listen, it speaks louder. Essentially my body is my indicator. If something is out-of-alignment such as my thoughts, or feelings, or emotions, or words and/or actions then my body says: “Hey yo! That does not fit with who you really are.”

So, I am wondering how your body has been responding to the challenges we are walking through and the experiences you are having?

Is it feeling stronger than ever?

Are you noticing a lot more health and wellness?
Are you finding yourself more and more tired?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Are you having aches and pains?
Are you physically feeling drained?
Are you feeling like you can take on the world?

Where are you and what is your body telling you about where you are?

For many years, I chose to ignore my body. I wanted to ignore it and I tried to ignore it and I did the best I could to ignore it … because I struggled to be in the body.

And what I have noticed in a lot of people right now is that there are two extremes.

Either you’re really aligned with and listening to what your body needs and following through … or you’re completely disconnected and shut down.

I am seeing a lot of that in my students and clients. Some are walking every day, moving their body, and eating healthier and feeling good. Some are releasing weight and building up muscle.

And then some are feeling lethargic, worn out, sad, feel like they cannot get up, feeling more inflammation in their body, etc.

So, I am witnessing these extremes – and not a lot of people are sitting in the middle.

Here’s the thing I want to remind you of: There is no right or wrong.

There is no judgment if you are struggling with your body or if you are not.

But what I do want to remind you is that YOUR body is LISTENING to everything that you say, everything that you think, every belief you have … your body is following.

Everything you read, every action you take … your body is listening.

And if you are taking in so much fear-based energy, your body has to respond, my friends.

So if you are feeling more and more tired or more and more overwhelmed, I’m just asking you to look at that and see if there are some areas that maybe you could adjust your focus, your thoughts, or your beliefs for your body to respond differently.

Because what I have discovered is that my body is always telling ME where I am.

My body is always letting me know what is happening within me emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically.

So, our body, my friend, is our indicator.

If you have a problem in your body, if you have some physical manifestation or illness or disease in your body, it is simply the indicator that something is out-of-alignment with your thoughts.

And I want to acknowledge that a lot of people feel that this is a way of blaming ourselves for what is happening to our bodies. It is not blaming ourselves; instead, it is taking responsibility for our lives and our thoughts and our beliefs and creating the life and the energy that we desire.

We can take responsibility. We can be aware of what is happening. We can be aware of COVID-19 and know that it is affecting many, many people across our planet and that it is highly contagious. We can dig in there and read and read and obsess with the news and research and get all consumed. And oftentimes, that energy affects our body and we lose so much of our life force energy. Putting so much of our attention on the fear and unknown is not healthy.

I think that somewhere in the middle is where you are going to find harmony. And somewhere in the middle looks like: I have the awareness of what is happening and I’m making choices to take care of myself based on my own self-care routine, not on the fear of what might happen.

I think that 90% of all diseases are stress related. Anything that stresses you out is activating those illnesses or those diseases. So, is this not a time of great stress for a lot of people?

Absolutely. But not everyone. There are a lot of people that are appreciating this pause … this downtime. There are a lot of people that are on the side of hopefulness because of the situation that is happening.

My son tested positive for the virus … along with his wife. They were down for 11 days and they have recovered. There are people that are not recovering and absolutely we can have sympathy and love and support for them. There are a lot of people that are losing their jobs. They are losing their savings and that absolutely is a challenge.

But oftentimes in loss we have the greatest gains.

And one of the things that I am reminding my students, clients and community is that they can make choices. The circumstances that are out in the world are affecting all of us. But you have the choice to respond in different ways. And I find that the biggest indicator of your choices is your BODY.

What are you choosing my friends?
What are you choosing?
Are you choosing a new routine?
Are you choosing a new way to see things?
Are you choosing a different mindset for yourself?
Are you choosing to give yourself choices in your day-to-day life?
Are you choosing to listen to your body when it says it needs a break … and give it a break?
Are you choosing to pay attention to those little subtle messages that your body offers you … or do you have to wait to get the two-by-four to understand what it’s trying to say to you?

Right now, we have an opportunity like we have never had before.

And I am not saying that there are not points that are scary and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel fear, but what I am saying is feel it … and then do something different.

Feel it and then do something different … because your body is listening … and if 90% of diseases are caused by stress, we know that worrying and stressing about this is not going to serve you in any way that raises your vibration or your health. It will only lower it. And so, my friends, you have got to shift that stress. You have got to give your body the tools that it needs to keep you in the highest vibration possible.

If you are looking for some support and you are looking for some guidance and you’re looking for some help and direction, then I want to suggest just one simple thing.

You can do something called a brain dump.

A brain dump is a place that you can empty out much of what is going on inside your head. You move your thoughts from your head to paper. And once you have moved the thoughts out of your head and it’s all on paper…YOU BURN the paper so that it transmutes the energy from a negative to a positive.

And then you fill up with positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive affirmations, etc.

You want to bring in a higher vibrational energy to replace what it is that you have been carrying inside your head for two weeks, two months, two years, three or four or five or six decades.

And what happens is when you do a brain dump consistently enough, you will start to change the narrative that you are telling yourself. You will start to change the belief system that you have. You will start to question the things that do not feel in alignment anymore and speak up about them or do something different.

This process causes YOU to create a new story. And in creating a new story, you can create a new, healthier body.

So, get an old notebook and just start writing “the shit out” and then burn it. And then once you burn it, do something that raises your energy and moves you into a positive state.

I don’t want you to ever forget that you always have a choice … and we can always change the direction of our journey even in times like this, even in situations where we may not know what the future looks like.

My choice is: I do not want to get through the weekend. I don’t want to get through this class. I don’t want to get through my appointments.

I want to experience them and feel them and thrive through them.

I want to rise to each and every one. I want to rise to meet the higher vibration that each circumstance is offering me.

I do not want to just get through it and barely make it and get in by the skin of my teeth.

I want to thrive through it, and I want to rise to the occasion.

I want to rise to the vibration.

That is what I choose in my life and we all have a right to choose … and you guys get to choose what works for you. What are you choosing with your body and vibration?

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