Living the Magic of Presence

Living the Magic of Presence - John Holland

The beauty and magic of England have always filled my soul, so when I had the opportunity to lead a group of 30 like-minded friends last month on a 10-day tour of the many spiritual sites there, I jumped at the chance. The trip was postponed for almost three years due to world events and travel restrictions, but the time was finally right and I was on my way.

It had been more than 25 years ago when synchronistic events brought me to England for the first time to study psychic sciences and mediumship. I never really set out to be a professional medium, I was just following the promptings of my Soul. There was something inside me back then that needed to come forward, and traveling to this magical country helped me to get better acquainted with my Soul and my Soul Purpose.

When I first arrived in this beautiful country many years ago, I felt as if I had come home. It felt very familiar to me. It must be a past life that I experienced there because every time I’m in England, I feel simply amazing.

This time when I arrived in England, I could feel the same feeling of wonder in my heart and soul and I could also see it in the eyes of the wonderful people who traveled with me. It was truly magical. I’m including some photos in this newsletter so you can experience the magic and energy as well.


The beauty of England takes my breath away each time I’m blessed to visit. During this most recent trip, I was able to leave my chaos and routines behind as I tapped into the nature and history of each sacred site we visited and felt more and more grounded each day.

What a great feeling! To be mindful and present and just enjoy all that was happening in front of me. It was incredible! I was living in the moment and I could feel the energy of all of these beautiful historic sites—the churches, the caves, the ceremonies, Stonehenge, Bath Abbey, Tintagel, Cornwall, and more! I was immersed in the history and the sacredness, and I could feel the healing energy all around me. It was as if my soul was giving me a giant hug.

That’s the message I have for you today. Wherever you are, whether it’s on vacation, visiting another city or country, gathering with close friends or family members, sitting alone at your favorite café, strolling along the beach or hanging out in your backyard—immerse yourself in the beauty, the sites, the nature and the history all around you. Step back from your busyness and your chaos, and step into the here and now. Live and experience every precious moment.

While you’re there, look and listen for the signs and messages. This is the place where you’ll connect with your soul. And when you make that connection, get ready for the magic!

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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