Living Your Life In A State Of Balance

balance Living your life in a state of balance

When someone walks into my office and says"I'm stressed" I just know that there is not enough self care happening.

Of course we cannot be always controlling our circumstances,  but definitely we can control how well we are reacting to them,  dealing with them and keeping control of our lives. 

Connecting to one's inner peace, inner level of calm and strength is what is truly required of us, in order to remain stress free. Allowing the flow from within and connecting ones soul and spirit to the body is so essential. Being tired from your routine , eating poorly and feeling generally fatigued makes you vulnerable and more reactive to stress.

Resilience to stress only comes when you use the resources around you to keep your calm,  and be less reactive to maintain the balance.

Taking good care of your body,  mind and soul, is what is required and is essential. Living your life in a state of balance, is an art you need to master. This comes only when you continuously decide to take control of life, and move forward in a disciplined manner.

Getting your body in order is very important and keeping your mind and soul in a perfect connect is what we desire.

I am going to suggest a few ways to reach a level of self care.


Much in life depends on our attitudes. Being an optimist brings in a natural process of joy. Negate the negative patterns, give yourself positive affirmations  choose only positively tuned on things, think positive.


Be easy on yourself on an emotional level. Listen to your feelings, express yourself in company. Do not bottle yourself. You can write your thoughts on paper, this will give you access to great emotional freedom. Writing about feelings and emotions reduces the stress and in turn gives us a healthy feeling.


Taking care of the body, such as a spa treatment etc is a great way to relax your inner self. Make this a normal routine habit. A regular massage is very rejuvenating. Even regular coffee dates with friends are positive twisters for our minds and leave a healthy impact.


This helps the body to release endorphins which in turn increase your feeling of overall wellness. Regular exercise of course builds a long term resilience against stress. Even as a short term measure, it offers the cheapest and healthiest form of health benefits. Exercise even offers group support and motivation.


Unhealthy diet actually makes us vulnerable to stress. People with busy lives go mostly for convenience foods. These are mostly full of sugars and unhealthy preservatives. Being excessively busy also makes you crave unhealthy foods. It is essential to avoid temptation. Learning to maintain a healthy diet is a very important part of self care. We can handle stress in a much better way when the body is healthy.


This is very important for one's emotional and physical well being. Lack of sleep can impact your ability to be productive and function at an optimum level. Even poor quality sleep keeps you tired,  it negatively impacts your ability to handle stress.

Enhancing and supporting sleep hours is very essential. Power naps are also very essential and help in maintaining the right balance.


Creates a necessary buffer against stress. It is the easiest stress reliever. You can have fun with friends, blow off steam, you have someone to lean on in times of need.  Friends are a pick me up when you need some emotional anchoring. Sometimes just pouring your heartfelt thoughts, to someone who sympathizes and understands is a huge relief.


They are a great distraction. They keep your mind gainfully employed.  You remain distracted from your stressful thoughts. You stay happy playing a game and other sporty things. Drawing, painting,gardening, just taking nature walks could be super stress busters.


Occupy yourself with ways to focus and sharpen your mind. Puzzles and games are great , learn about things that fascinate you,  so that your mind is intrigued and distracted with a distinct focus.


This is a great anchor. Keeps you grounded in the most traditional way. It is very important to cultivate your own special way of connecting.

This could be meditation, personal affirmation or any other form of communication with the higher power. Meditation stops the influx of erratic thoughts and helps you to maintain your calm.

These basic strategies if followed well, will keep you in a place of calm resilience, and keep your mind,  body, soul energies in perfect balance, to give you access to a stress free life of joy and happiness.

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