Intentions Of Integrity


Integrity, love, and authentic power are inseparable. Integrity is much more than doing the right thing. From the perspective of your soul, there is no “right” and “wrong” thing. There are causes and there are effects of causes. When the cause is love, the effect is love. When the cause is fear, the effect is fear. When you are torn between love and fear, or between fear and love, your personality is splintered. It is not whole, not integral. You are out of integrity. Your wholeness is not present.

Only creating with integrity can re-establish it. That means creating with love, even while fear is present within you, for example, speaking with patience while impatience seethes inside you; acting with acceptance while anger rages through you; and honoring the needs of another while a frightened part of your personality demands that its need be met first. It means honoring others in deep and substantive relationships even when frightened parts of your personality demand that you exploit them – emotionally, psychologically, sexually, financially.

Integrity often requires courage. It takes courage to challenge a frightened part of your personality, for example, to not act in anger when you are angry and to listen respectfully when you feel superior. You act courageously each time you choose to act with love while you are experiencing fear. Courage is always required where will and fear intersect. What could be a better use of your courage than to create with love? When you hold the intention of love, when you act with the intention of love, you align yourself with your soul, and you are in integrity.


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