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college-student-friends-huddle-together-picture-id936492246 Resetting Humanity to a New Way of Living on the Earth

When I reflect on my path to this moment in time, I understand without a doubt that it was no accident. 

In the late 1990s, outside of mystical circles, there was little awareness of “Oneness” or the notion of “living into the Unity of all of Life,” and I felt certain this was a root cause of the challenges our world was facing. 

I believed then (and still do) that there can be no true wholeness, health and well-being in the world as long as there are so many people who feel separate from others and from the Earth itself.

Even though these things were clear to me at that time, I wasn’t yet sure how to best address them in a meaningful way.

In 1999, I was sitting in my office in Silicon Valley, wondering what role I might be able to play in creating a U-turn into a more conscious world. 

I’d co-founded a company called Netigy, and at that time, Netigy occupied a 45,000 square-foot building and had leased another 90,000 square-foot building next door to support our future growth… 

And while I was definitely tasting the American Dream, it was already clear to me that this was not what my life was to be about.  

Even then, global warming, environmental degradation, and gross income inequality were on the rise, and humanity was not pointed in a positive direction.

I found myself deeply concerned about the state of the world. What good would it be for me to create all the financial success I might imagine when the world I lived in and loved was in a downward spiral?

I knew I felt called to play a role in creating planetary awakening and global healing, and while I wasn’t at all sure what that looked like or how I might be involved, I was sure I’d reached the end of the line as a Silicon Valley-based technology entrepreneur. 

Important work needed to be done and I was determined to be a part of it.  

As you probably know, new doors often cannot open before old doors close, so I sold all my interests in the companies I was involved in, left the business associations I’d been involved in for over 10 years, and sold my home in Silicon Valley.

18 months would pass before my next steps became clear.  

It was around this time that I met and became friends with Neale Donald Walsch, and as a member of our community, you probably well know what happened next.

Neale called me in early 2003 and invited me to attend a planning session for what would become Humanity’s Team. A few months later we launched Humanity’s Team and shortly after that he asked if I’d be Humanity’s Team’s executive director.

17 years later, here I still am, and the Oneness Declaration I helped to create those many years ago has grown into the Global Oneness Day and now the annual Global Oneness Summit we all know and love.                                                                             

While only about 1,000 people participated in our first event in 2010, over 100,000 people participated last year, and we anticipate many more this year, our 11th Anniversary. 

I soon met people from all over the world who shared the same vision for humanity and for the Earth as me—a vision of a world awakening to its true Self and a way of living that honors the Divine in each person and lifeform, and the dignity this affords to each and every one. 

As we become more conscious, we naturally become more compassionate and we begin to live more in service to others and to the Earth itself. 

We feel our connection to each and all, and we assume responsibility for the world around us, inspiring us to positive action in every way we can.        

And because of the state of the world and the planet today, 11 years after we began the Global Oneness journey, it is even more urgent that we expand our reach.

Today’s world is also the catalyst for this year’s theme: “The Power of Love: Resetting Humanity to a New Way of Living on the Earth.”

And it’s also why we hope you’ll be joining us for the 11th Annual Global Oneness Summit October 17th through October 24th, for 8 days of events focused on the power of love to help us live in Oneness and foster the urgent reset all of humanity (and the planet!) needs at this crucial moment.

We bring you even more to experience this year, with nearly 80 panelists and over 20 free events, including the first-ever International Shout Out Love Day.

When you sign up for ‘The Power of Love: Resetting Humanity to a New Way of Living on the Earth’ you’ll automatically receive access to all eight days, and if you’re not able to attend any of the events at the scheduled times, as long as you’re signed up, we’ll send you a link so you can watch them at your convenience!

Plus, this year, you’ll also receive complimentary access to “Becoming Homo Universalis: 52 Codes for Embodying Your Evolutionary Self,” a very special Online Program Series with Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of the most respected spiritual icons of our time and the author of the pioneering book Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential , in which she outlined how to create a better society and explored what the conscious mind is capable of once it becomes aware of its actual power.

The 2-Video series is our gift to you as we know it will inspire you with new ideas and possibilities on your own conscious journey after the Summit concludes.

It’s not a coincidence that I’ve ended up here, along with many others, playing a role in the awakening, and it’s probably not a coincidence that you are wherever you are, including being here right now.

I hope you’ll decide to come with us on this journey.

In service,


Learn More About the FREE ‘Power of Love’ Global Oneness Summit and International Shout Out Love Day, and View the Schedule Here 

The Most Precious Freedom Is Inner Freedom
The Most Precious Possession 

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