Make Love, Not Fear: 8 Reasons to Have Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic

earth Make Love, Not Fear: 8 Reasons to Have Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Amidst the recent worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are in uncertain times. 

Worry, fear, and panic have swept across the planet, as the virus has threatened our health, well-being, economy, societal norms, and sense of safety.

Many people are quarantined at home, and social distancing has become a temporary norm.

During this time of such intense stress, sex is likely the farthest thing from many people’s minds. How can we make love when the world seems to be falling apart? Shouldn’t we spend our time watching the news and figuring out how to navigate these challenging times? 

As a Sacred Sexuality Teacher with over 20 years of experience supporting clients, my #1 recommendation during this global pandemic is to make time for pleasure and sex.  

Sex is not a luxury for when things are good in the world. Sex is a necessity. It is vital to our health, well-being, and sanity. Sex is important at all times, especially in times of stress and difficulty, like this current pandemic.

If you have a partner, set any differences aside, and get into the sheets for some essential self-care and stress relief. If you are stuck at home without a partner, no worries. You can self-pleasure and bring yourself the same benefits.


8 Reasons to Make Love Now (yes, even during the coronavirus pandemic)

1) Boosts Your Immune System

Sex has a myriad of health benefits, including boosting your immune system. An orgasm provides a deep healing for the body. During orgasm, your body releases immunoglobulin A. This antibody boosts your immune system and provides protection from infections and viruses.

By all means, take your vitamin C supplements. But don’t forget the equally important Vitamin C, “vitamin coming” (orgasming). 

Your body naturally wants to be healthy. And your body naturally wants to express itself sexually! Trust your body. It knows what to do.

Note: If you are feeling ill, keep your germs to yourself by self-pleasuring.

2) Stress Relief

During this global pandemic, it is natural to be stressed. Unfortunately, stress weakens your immune system and leaves you more susceptible to illness and viruses. Instead of getting stressed, it’s important to stay as calm and stress-free as possible.

Sex provides immediate stress relief. It calms your nervous system and releases several neurotransmitters, endorphins, and hormones that provide relaxation and boost your mood. The love hormone oxytocin, which is released during sexual activity, lowers the stress hormone cortisol.  

3) Bonding and Connection

During this time of social distancing, it’s important to maintain a feeling of connection rather than isolation. Making love to your partner helps you bond and feel close to one another. Making love to yourself through self-pleasure can provide a feeling of connection by connecting your mind and body with your soul. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Divine (God/Source/Spirit/Universe).

4) Feel Grounded and Safe

 Sex is a great grounding technique. It is a fantastic way to get out of your head and into your body. Physical touch and pleasure will instantly bring your awareness to the sensations happening in your body, which can calm your nervous system and help you feel grounded and safe. While making love, breathe deeply and keep your focus on your body, rather than your thoughts. You’ll find yourself in a safe bubble of ecstasy and love, where you can let go, relax, and feel safe.


5) Brings You into the Present Moment

More than likely, your mind could use a break from thinking about handwashing and the global impact of the coronavirus.

Just like sex brings you into your body, it brings you into the present moment. In the present moment, you can find peace. Fear happens when you are worried about the future, so take a few deep breaths, enjoy some sexual pleasure, and stay focused on the now.

6) Boosts Happiness

 Sex has been shown to boost happiness. Numerous studies have shown that people who have sex at least once per week are happier than people who have sex less frequently. In one study, boosting the frequency of sex was equivalent to the happiness of a $50,000 raise!

Sexual activity releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin and a variety of neurotransmitters that act as natural antidepressants. Happiness can provide a sense of hope, which is especially important during these challenging times.

7) Tap into Your Intuition 

Intuition is the language of your soul. In order to perceive your intuition, you must be relaxed and happy, which is definitely more challenging during a pandemic.

Sex and self-pleasure can help you rise above your daily worries and align with the higher perspective of your soul. Your sexual energy is your life force energy or your soul’s essence flowing through your physical body.

During sex or just after sex while basking in the afterglow, your mind and heart tend to be more open. This is a wonderful time to receive divine guidance and intuitive insights for your life. You’ll likely feel a sense of hope and reassurance that everything will be OK.

8) Align with Love, Not Fear

For many years, we spiritual seekers have been practicing the art of opening our hearts and raising our vibration to love, instead of fear. On behalf of ourselves and the entire planet, now is the time to implement our spiritual tools and raise our vibration to love, joy, and peace.

Making love is one of the best and fastest ways to raise your vibration. When done in a sacred, loving way, sex provides a great opportunity to open your heart and tap into the vibration of love. Make love, not fear.

Amidst the tremendous fear and panic happening globally, we have a duty right now to align with love and shine the light of hope. This will make a difference in your life and energetically across the planet.

Note: If you are not up for enjoying sex or self-pleasure, at minimum enjoy sensual pleasure, such as touch, cuddling, self-massage, or anything that brings pleasure to your body. This will have some of the same benefits.

Action Step: During sex or self-pleasure, hold a prayer or positive intention for the planet. Your sexual energy is like a rocket ship that will propel your prayers into reality. Visualize the entire planet being surrounded by light. Imagine the coronavirus dissolving into light. Envision every person on the planet being happy and healthy. Remember that love is more powerful than a virus.


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