Make use of the moments in between to build spiritual muscles

spiritualmuscles Make use of the moments in between to build spiritual muscles

Formal spiritual practice is the very fundament for anyone who truly desires to consciously grow and unfold. It is through this formal practice that we make ourselves increasingly open and available to catch insights as to that which is true and real. That we may release and let go of the small and limiting beliefs and perceptions that keep us from going further. That keep us at the level of consciousness that we presently are at. 

However we must never forget to use the moments in between to build spiritual muscles as much as we can. It is in those moments in between the formal practice that we are really strengthening those muscles. 

Like Eckhart Tolle reminds us, it is one thing to have a regular practice of formal meditation, lets say in the morning. And a totally different other to maintain that level of presence throughout the day. 

In other words, formal meditation, although beautiful and powerful, is not enough. Formal praying, although powerful and magnificent, is not enough. The same with forgiveness, visioning and surrendering. But it is what we do in between those moments of formal practice that truly builds those spiritual muscles we need.


Formal Spiritual practice is the foundation

Please don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that it is not important to set aside time to meditate. Or to pray. To forgive or to vision. Quite the opposite. 
It is essential that we, as awakening individuals, set aside time for formal spiritual practice. It is this practice that allows for us to consciously participate in the growth and unfolding of our souls. And so, setting aside time to meditate, to pray, to vision, to give thanks, to forgive and to deepen our surrender, makes us increasingly open and available to catch insights and revelations as to that which is True and Real. This expanded understanding and realization, builds the basis upon which the peace of God rests - allowing us to trust more in God than in fear. Allowing us to see the world through the eyes of God rather than the eyes of the ego. 

It is all about coming back to the nowness of this moment on a constant and regular basis

The ego only exists in time; past, present and future. It does not exist in the now moment. And so as we go beyond time, as we come back to the Now the ego looses it’s sway over us. The more we anchor ourselves in the nowness of this moment, and this and this and this moment, the more we break free from the ego. That we may unidentify from the egoic structures which speak only of lack and separation. 

This is where the in-between moments come in. As we are standing in line, doing the dishes or doing whatever it is that we are doing – we are well to use these moments to anchor ourselves in the Holy Now. That we may allow the peace of God to reign supreme within our heart and mind. 

In other words, rather than letting our idle thoughts take us for a ride into fantasy land – we may take a couple of conscious breaths. Or turn our attention within and seek the good of God. Perhaps we may choose to give thanks for the gifts and the blessings that are present in our lives. Or engage in an affirmation or a vision taking us beyond present circumstances and events.

We always have more time than we need

The question is not whether we have time to spare to mini-meditate or to pray, to bless, to affirm or to vision. Because time we have. More than we need. The real question we need to ask ourselves is, what are we doing with the time that we have been given?

When we are stuck in traffic. Or when we are doing the dishes or laundry. When we are standing in line at the grocery store. When we are sitting on the bus or the train. What are we doing with that time? 

How are we using those moments in between? Which muscles are we building then?

Are we spending that time praying or blessing or breathing or visioning? In other words building our spiritual muscles. Or are we using that time complaining, bemoaning, or thinking about what we don’t want rather than what we do want?

Obviously the muscles we engage and exercise the most, will be the strongest and most powerful. 

Building spiritual muscles is all about repetition.

Ultimately, it all comes down to creating new habits. About us learning to remember to remember to make high choices. Until the higher choices become choiceless-choices. Choices that have become automated. 

In those moments in between – we need to remember what to do with them. We need to remember to make coming back to the nowness of this moment our first priority. We need to make the peace of God our top priority. That we may choose to build our presences muscles, rather than allowing the external world to dictate our vibrational frequency. 

It is a moment by moment choice. A choice we need to make over and over and over again. Formal spiritual practice is the foundation, but it is in the moments in between that we really build our spiritual muscles, our presence muscles. 

Repetition truly is the key to spiritual growth and unfolding. Without it, no new habits will be formed. And much of spiritual growth, and building those beautiful spiritual muscles is all about forming new habits. Of learning to take 100% responsibility for our selves and our vibration. 

Every single moment presents an opportunity

As time is nothing but an endless series of present moments, and each moment represents and opportunity for us to make a new choice - a higher choice or a lower choice, each moment brings a beautiful opportunity for us to go even higher or deeper. 

In each moment we get to choose which muscles to build and strengthen – our spiritual or the ego’s. When we give way for the ego to run the show – the ego is strengthened. Each time we choose to turn our attention to the good of God, our spiritual muscles are built and we may see even clearer through the eyes of God. Rather than through the eyes of the ego. 

God has given each of us the ability to make conscious choices. In each and every single moment. All has been given us, it is up to us to choose to use it. 

Each moment is literally a new beginning, as each moment offers an opportunity to choose something we perhaps have never chosen before. And so each moment may be used as a catalyst to take us even higher. This certainly goes for each and every moment in between – when we seemingly have nothing to do. 

It is like the statement goes: all are called but few chooses to answer the call. Answering the call, really means choosing to take full responsibility for each and every moment that we experience. 

Will you answer that call?

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