Making The Quantum Flip™: Changing Discipline to Devotion

morning-yoga-childs-pose-picture-id515675096 Making The Quantum Flip™: Changing Discipline to Devotion

If there was one thing that could make you more successful, prevent depression, and allow you to maintain healthy weight, would you do it? What if I told you it had nothing to do with working out or eating right?

We all know that maintaining a consistent physical practice as well as healthy eating habits positively affects our physical, emotional and mental well-being. However, there is something more than simply maintaining a dedicated routine that brings even greater benefits to our lives.

More important than the routines, is who we are when we do them.

When we go about our daily routines, we do have to maintain consistency, but we must do it in a vibrational frequency that is closer to the truth of who we are.  Our vibrational frequency has everything to do with who we perceive ourselves to be which plays a role in the state of our choices, disposition, orientation in the world, sense of self and our ability to maintain clarity and consistency in our lives.

For example, someone can go into a disciplined practice of doing the same regime every day – going to the gym, working out, only eating certain foods and getting up at a certain time each day. This person can do all these things to contribute to the success and vitality of their health, but if they do those things from a place of discipline only, the vibrational frequency of their system won’t necessarily rise and elevate as much as one would expect.


You Are the Energy Behind Your Actions

Science proves that everything is energy, which means YOU are energy. The vibrational frequency of your energetic system, which is your whole system, will ultimately determine the success of any endeavor you undertake.

If you perform your daily routine begrudgingly, it’s not going to stick. Going through the motions of a routine aren’t enough. We have to establish a routine that allows our cells to memorize the truth of who we are and what’s important, so that it becomes our new default mechanism.

When your routine is performed with love, joy or from an inspired action, it will have a much different effect on the systems running through your body. When you do your routine from an inspired disposition deep from within your heart, it’s going to raise your vibrational frequency creating new neuropathways as you perform those new activities. When your vibrational frequency raises, those activities will “stick” because the new neuropathways being established will be more profoundly anchored as they are created from the higher vibrational frequencies of joy and love.


The Only Routine You Need

Whether you have a meditation practice, yoga practice, go to the gym or run outside, any of these actions can be done with an inspired disposition. If we allow our actions and our activities to be fully present and inspired as a way to reveal our greatness and magnificence, then we’re setting ourselves up vibrationally for success. We’re generating the sensation inside our system that we want to experience, and when we do that consistently enough, our exterior world begins to reflect the same.

By doing this, when the going gets tough, we automatically return to our default – to an organized, grounded, integrated, and most importantly, inspired individual that we know ourselves to be. We know ourselves to be it because we’ve established a routine of being that.

To help you begin infusing your routine with this potent vibrational frequency, I suggest the following:

  • For your morning routine, as you’re waking up, before your thinking mind even has an opportunity to kick in, take a few moments and a few deep breaths.
  • Scan up and down your body and see if there’s any place that’s tense or not as active and awake as the other areas of your body.
  • Once you find a spot like this, spend a little extra time and breathe a few breaths of loving presence into that area of your system.
  • This allows you to be collected, connected and breathing a breath of loving presence through your entire system in an unwavering fashion.

By doing this, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, you are clear and grounded and performing any routine from a place of wholeness and loving presence.


The “One” Thing That Changes Everything

So, the thing that will allow you to be more successful, prevent depression and allow you to maintain your own weight ideally, has to do with you anchoring in the deep truth of who you are and establishing some routines that are not just mechanistic, not just mechanically going through the motions, but reflecting the vibration of inspiration that you would love to infuse in your body and in your life.

Make sure the way you do it is more of a devotion than just a discipline. This is the one thing that will change everything in your life.

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