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Manifest Health and Beauty with Your Creative Mind

the-harder-you-work-the-more-rewarding-itll-be-picture-id1156638562 Manifest Health and Beauty with Your Creative Mind
Freedom from stress is what we all seek. It is actually a natural state of the human mind, but social norms have slowly brought us to a point, where life is in a constant cage of negativity, or in the madness of the chaos created by society.

Over the years, living up to the Jones's had become a necessity, and proving a one-upmanship over the other, is a constant trigger to abide by. The current global situation, which is engulfing us completely in terms of our mind, body and spirit, almost seems incomprehensible to most.

I cannot but help addressing it, as it is a great change that mankind is going through. It isn't about de stressing that we talk, but it is a great challenge in terms of life's spiritual journey. 

Earlier as much as one tried looking around, and creating a balance between the two different worlds which are the habitat of our selves, we could even say we can actually loose ourselves in the chaos around us. Yet now looking within is what seems imperative. Connecting to our true identity is what is required of us truly.

It is ascertained that the Creative Intelligence, which creates our bodies, obviously will have the power to heal its own handi work. We need to believe in the Healing Power.

The miraculous power of the subconscious has the power to open the self created oppressing doors of fear and go forth to conquer.

As a person thinks, feels and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body and circumstance. An answered prayer, is the realization of one's desire.

Changing the mental pattern, and redirecting one's emotional life is essential. It is the true way to heal and create a new self, with strength and courage.

There is a great transforming power within us. Accessing this power is our greatest attribute. We need to rise above the limitations of the mind, such as thoughts of negativity, of misery and failure, of lack and frustration. We must unite within ourselves mentally and emotionally , with the goodness within us, to get the results we desire.

Whatever makes you who you are, is actually your belief. Your identity is really not your name, family, car or neighborhood. It is your inner belief that is inherently you, and it is manifesting  and influencing your life. These beliefs are actually hidden deep inside our minds.This is how our sub conscious works.

You create what you believe.Your sub conscious mind creates and manifests your sub conscious thoughts. Whatever you are feeding into your sub conscious  is manifesting as a reality. This is the creation of your own mind.

Once you begin to start thinking beauty and health, it will manifest. Have only noble thoughts of the Divine and of some beautiful qualities which you desire.

 When you will repeat thoughts constantly, they become second nature to you. We have the power to create what we believe in. Be the master creator and steer your own destiny.

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