Manifesting in 2018

Manifesting in 2018 Manifesting in 2018

How’s your 2018 going so far? Still undecided what you want to happen or bring into your life this year? If you want to manifest something into your life, it’s important to start out by having a clear mental picture of what you want, as well as the desire to bring it in to your life. Remember: “The soul never thinks without a mental picture.”


When you have an image followed by the emotion of joy and excitement, as if it’s what you desire, and it's happening here and now, then you open yourself to the universal energy – the Divine Source – to able to attach itself and assist you in fulfilling your aspiration or desire.


Many people when asked: “What do you want in your life?” often respond by saying: “I DON’T KNOW.”  When you say ‘I don’t know’, it really means the energy has nothing to grab on to. By visualizing, what you truly desire and bringing in the positive, joyful emotions as if your goal is already happening, you stand a far better chance of your soul meeting your goal half way. If it’s for your highest good, and that of others – then you, your soul, and the Universe can all work as partners in manifesting the outcome you desire.


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This week, I’d like you to take some time out, and imagine what you want to bring into your life. Try to do this slowly bringing in one thing at a time. Just so you know, it really does work. Experiment with this exercise.


Choose anything, it could be a butterfly, a certain bird, a particular coin (try 25 cents) it could even be a particular book. One late summer day once I tried this experiment for myself. I love going out on boat trip on the ocean, I live the freedom, the sun, and the wind, and always feel invigorated after the boat trip. Well, the summer was almost over and I realized I never went on a boat trip that I so wanted. So… I tried what I teach. I imagined myself on a boat out on the ocean, and brought in the joy and sense of freedom that comes with the feeling of being out there on the open ocean. In other words, I imagined as if it was happened right then and there in my mind. Well, it must have worked! Just two days later a friend of mine called me and said that a family member was just about to take the boat out one or two more times before the end of the summer and asked me if I wanted to join them! Of course I accepted the invitation. There was a bonus though – there were drinks and lunch included!


You don’t have to be a psychic to make this system work for you. Just take a few minutes and imagine you are seeing the object in your mind, the feel of it, notice the texture, then reach out with your imagination and see yourself holding the object, noticing every detail, even the smell. Bring in the emotion of what it would feel like to already have it. Could be Joy? Excitement? Love? Visualization partnered with emotion is a powerful tool.


Soon the Universe will conspire to bring you what you visualize. Now this exercise is designed to start off small, just to get you going. As you get the hang of it, you can move on to bigger things. The more you practice this – the better you will get at manifesting what you want to bring into your life for your highest good. Enjoy!


Live a Soul-filled life!


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