Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: Dreams of Joy

Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: Dreams of Joy
It could be someone
you never had the courage
to love, holding you
in the night.

Or talking all night
with a lifelong friend,
both of you lucid and hungry,
the talk peeling, not adding up,
but peeling into uncontrollable
laughter and the smell
of honey.

It could be swimming
deeper than ever, alongside
iridescent fish, copying
their wriggle for light.

Or taking something apart so
thoroughly—a car, a watch—that
it never has to be put together
again, and you, caught in the
joy of the thing dismantled.

It could be righting a turtle
and watching it stare at you
before receding in its shell.

Or righting yourself
and staring at the world.


A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, describe what joy means to you. How does joy show up in your life? Can you do anything to help this happen?

This is from my book of poems, The Way Under the Way.

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