Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: Finding It


How will you ever find peace

unless you yield to love?


If you put down what you carry

in case of emergency, you will make

space for what can really help. For

clutching onto failure or success

will only make you sink.

And feeding your fear will only

turn it into a dark house

that no one can leave.

So unlatch the cage you have

double-locked and watch the

dark things fly.

There is a nameless drop of

honey inside every dream and

scheme. Finding it is not a reward

and missing it is not a punishment.

Its quiet appearance is, at last, a small

harmonic opening in response

to presence or light.

A Question to Walk With: Describe your most enduring experience of presence or light and how it affected you.

This excerpt is from my book, Finding Inner Courage (Red Wheel Press).

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