Mindful Lifestyle Changes to Attract Money and Get Rid of Debt

Mindful Lifestyle Changes to Attract Money and Get Rid of Debt - Julie Murphy
When we want to attract money into our lives and eliminate debt, it all begins with looking at how we can implement more mindful lifestyle changes. Everything is energy - this has been proven by quantum scientists and money is no different. Whilst strategy will get you so far, you have to dig deep into the subconscious to understand why you operate in the way you do around money. The attraction of money isn’t about just accumulating more of it. If you do that but neglect to address your beliefs and behaviors, the same financial patterns and the creation of debt will keep playing out no matter how much money you have coming in!

Debt is Your Distraction

To begin your debt free journey, it’s about looking at the emotional patterning behind the financial choices you have made. The truth is, debt is a distraction. Most of us have 3 financial timelines; our financial past, present and future. Many people get stuck in their financial past and it’s exhausting to function in this way. If this resonates with you, I get it! Debt is our distraction to living out our dreams and it does become tiring. When you have your income coming in every month and then going straight out to pay for your expenses and to
pay off debt, in the present moment you’re paying for your past financial choices. 

We can’t clean up our past, live in the present and plan for the future. And whilst the logical, practical part of our mind might think if we simply earn more this will be the solution to debt, increasing this idea of more, more, more and leading from only our masculine energy will cause burnout, unhappiness and the same financial results.

The Importance of Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy 

If the money you have coming in today is paying for yesterday, it’s not going to create the tomorrow you desire. As I mentioned before, money is energy and so when we’re looking to create more mindful lifestyle changes into our financial lives, it’s crucial to understand when and how we’re operating from our masculine and feminine energy. 

Masculine energy is the ‘doing’. It’s when we’re leading from a place of competitiveness and it’s often fear-based. Feminine energy is when we allow ourselves to be. It’s collaborating instead of competing and love versus fear. When in balance and used in the right way, a healthy combination of these energies can be great, but when it comes to debt and our finances, this idea of always trying to generate ‘more’ and staying in our masculine keeps us on the hamster wheel of debt. And debt ultimately controls us from living our life from a place of freedom. 

What Do You Desire?

We all have different lifestyle desires and you might have found that your lifestyle and internal desires are different to that of what your parents, grandparents or children want or want for you. Therefore, we don’t live out our true desires because there’s a subconscious need to live a life that meets the expectations of others. 

I truly believe we create debt as a distraction from feeling a lack of wholeness from childhood. Bruce Lipton’s work and his studies have shown that 95% of our responses come from our subconscious, which is fully developed from just 7 years old. Our beliefs, habits and behaviors have been wired since then, which is why it takes a lot of reflection, awareness and deep work to get to the core of them and begin to reprogram them. 

If we experience some form of trauma or rejection before the age of 7 - which many of us do, we try and act out our needs that weren’t met when we were a child. The debt we create is our way of acting this out. 

Do you perhaps feel like you’re not enough and getting the bigger house, mortgage or the latest car makes you feel more accomplished and worthy? Is it to prove something to others and yourself as opposed to fulfilling a
genuine inner, soul-based desire? I’d like you to ask yourself; what is your motivator? If you look at all the debt instruments you’re using to pay for these things, what are you trying to emotionally avoid in that moment? 

The way to resolve this is to look at how you can bring
consciousness and awareness to it to avoid creating a spending hangover. 

Become Your Own Bank

This should always be your goal when looking at your financial present and future particularly. Let’s say your monthly car payment is now paid up. Don’t then have that money be consumed to pay for more things. This could also be the same for student loans, credit cards and mortgages. Start to become your own bank! When we
break free of using debt instruments, we act differently with our own money. We make different, more empowered choices. If you’re using your own money to pay for that car, you will think or choose differently! I’ve seen it happen so many times with my clients. This mindset shift alone can create a profound impact! 

What’s happening when we create more financial flexibility is we’re no longer trying to satisfy an unmet need from childhood. The truth is, every debt you take out is rooted in some kind of unresolved emotion. It all begins with breaking those old financial patterns to stop you creating a financial past and using debt as a distraction to these unresolved emotions. Love yourself enough to do it because you deserve it! 

We need to create financial space. This enables us to become more nimble to make mindful lifestyle changes that are going to serve us on a heart and soul level. This could be changing our job, travelling or being able to take advantage of more options. Debt creates a lack of freedom that only serves to continue patterns of emotional suffering. You are worthy of so much more so choose to make today the start of your debt free journey and ignite the attraction of money in a way that’s in full alignment with your desires! Begin your pathway to Real Wealth – a profound sense of freedom in every area of your life! I assure you once you do, you’ll never look back.

In her new book, Awaken Your Wealth, Julie explores behavioral finance and tells how she developed PACT™ from her own personal experiences. She explains her easy to understand four-step PACT™ process that can help you clear out unwanted money habits and chart a course toward a future you desire.


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