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Mindfulness and Exercise

Mindful Monday: Mindfulness and Exercise

Most gyms survive on clients who sign up and stop coming after one month. Most people have a great intention but it quickly fades in the reality of the time and effort required to succeed in the area of exercise. The New Year’s resolution to exercise is probably the most un-accomplished resolution people make.

You understand the need for balance in life and exercise is a core factor in living a healthy life. It needs to reflect your body type and temperament. Find what works for you. Exercise can never become an integrated part of your life if it doesn’t resonate with you. Forcing yourself to exercise is simply a form of resistance and suffering. For some going to a gym is an enjoyable respite in their day. For another it is torture. Some can only stay regular if they hire a trainer or go with a friend because they really don’t like what they are doing. Find what resonates with you. What inspires you to feel good? Maybe walks that allow you to feel close to nature and breathe in the air and see the sky inspire you. When you fight against it the whole time you are doing it, you will quit. When you enjoy and resonate with what you are doing, you will continue. Simply knowing it is good for you isn’t enough.

There are immense mental and emotional benefits to exercise. There is a balance in the life force that occurs when exercising. But it must be in moderation and alignment with who you are. As with diet, exercise must be balanced, loving and supportive.

For some exercise is an escape and can develop into excessive attachment to image. For some exercise can be a never to be reached goal surrounded by a wall of fear. Find a balance and bring awareness to what supports a magnificent life.

It’s easier to sit than run. It’s easier to watch TV than go to the gym. You are tired after a day of work and really don’t have the energy to exercise. But when you commit to thriving you realize that to accomplish that you need balance in all areas of your life. You will feel mentally and physically better, avoid many degenerative health issues and look better and feel happier when you follow through with your commitment. There is a bigger life, bigger picture approach of ‘thriving’ that you can develop that allows you to be in the joy, the power, fullness and health of life. There is an attitude of powerful expression, of aligning with the evolution of life that requires your participation. This is your commitment to exercise as part of this larger commitment to thrive. It requires something from you, but the rewards are immense,

Bring awareness to how you are or are not exercising. What is your balance? Is it too much, too sporadic, too little? And when you actually do exercise are you doing it with mindfulness. Are you aware of your movements, aware if you are moving too quickly, in jerks and with excess speed, or in rhythm and flow and peace? Are you in present moment awareness and in joy, or resistance to it all?

Life evolves through cycles of rest and activity. When that is in balance you evolve more rapidly. For you to thrive, for you to be fully empowered in your life, find that balance of rest and activity that brings the greatest support to your life.

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