Moving From the Hole into the Whole

You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as the universe. 
You didn’t come into this world, 
you came out of it like a wave from an ocean.
--Alan Watts

How and when did we lose our intimacy to our beloved Creator, to one another, to all living things but most importantly to ourselves?

How did we evolve by not evolving to forget that we are born out of this earth and therefore all of creation is truly one?

Where do we begin to die, live and be reborn to remember this quest of life we are so fortunate to be part of? 

Perhaps when we look at the word intimacy, this is the first place where we either could use more insight, more respect or maybe some deeper reverence. The word intimacy in the Temple Hayes dictionary which translates into--IN-TO-ME-SEE-- is a simplistic way to identify with our relationship with life. While so many people in the world are longing to grow up, longing to understand life’s meaning, perhaps aching to release addictions, not really wanting to die while they are living, feeling drained and disconnected, there is always going to be common truths no matter what anyone ever tells you--we all long to be loved, valued and respected.

Deep wounded folks pretend it isn’t so, yet at everyone’s 11th hour, and I have witnessed many, trust me when I say everyone wants to be loved, valued and respected. Everyone at the end of their physical lives wants to grab hold of something greater than themselves either through last-minute desperation or inspiration. It doesn’t matter what credentials you hold, how much money you have or how many boundaries you succeeded to set with your children and others. At the end of your life you are at the mercy of the inner you and how much you are loved, valued and respected. So why are we not able to do this while we are truly living? And how do we expect to truly live a vibrant life if we have disconnected ourselves from all of life’s main sources, significantly that which created us?

Thomas Merton would say, “There is in all visible things …a hidden wholeness..” I would go on to explore further to say that the fundamental root of wholeness is “knowing” one is loved, valued and respected. We have been so influenced with information and data which has made us robotic rather than utilizing innate connections. We have believed that we are separate from our source, separate from our planet, and most importantly separate from one another. As long as we believe we are separate from our source, separate from our planet, and separate from one another, we will always feel that something is missing. It is the “something is missing within each of us” that the influencers have been striving for. It is this feeling of “something is missing”, I have a hole and I need to fill it” which keeps us vulnerable to spending, buying, charging, using and delusional. The deeper missing element continues to create a longing to be fixed versus a celebration and space to come from wholeness. 

In other words, we move from the hole to the whole, imagine?

Can you see it? As long as you feel something is missing, then you will buy “the solution” so the missing feeling will go away. It is not natural for us to feel a missing feeling since we are created by Creation to be infinite, whole and lack nothing. 

We will buy almost anything to not feel like we are missing out, when all the while we are missing out on ourselves. We are coming from a premise that we are broken and need something different from who we are, when in fact being different is WHO WE ARE. 

As Alan Watts reminds us, we are born out of this infinite earth filled with energy, possibilities and the highest dreams imaginable. How then can we be drained, tired, weary and long term discouraged? The main reason is because we are attempting to live a lie of our true inheritance.

Now is the time to rebirth not into something new yet who we have always been destined to be.

Loving Life, 


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