My invitation – for a moment, embrace What Is and Be Bliss...


There is so much unfolding for so many in the world right now. My invitation is to embrace, with loving presence, what it is you are feeling in your body.

Do you desire to walk, talk, live, and breathe as one who allows life to unfold magnificently, no matter what is happening "out there?" You have the ability to integrate, live, and manifest as the Essence you are so that you consciously receive deep truth from the universe.

As we pay attention to what's happening in the body and ignite circuitry, we discover how to live without being stopped by the hesitations, procrastinations, or self doubt we land in when our thinking mind simply doesn't “know” the answer.

Particularly right now, mass consciousness is powerful. When “the news” tells us how "things are going to be," and we believe what they say; it's what happens. The news precedes reality because our thoughts precede reality. I'm not saying to completely disconnect or ignore the world. However, when you plug in, pay attention to the body, notice where there is a charge, and build circuits.

 It doesn't matter if the “news” source is reputable, based on statistics, or sensationalized, we cannot take yesterday’s happenings, project it into tomorrow, and live as Creator. The projection stops you from living here as Self, as the creative force you are on this planet.

In the same moment, whatever you're drawn to is exactly the next gateway you're supposed to go through. As you “Take it to the Body,” you land in a state of wholeness, which is a state of bliss and well-being, no matter what. 

We all have the opportunity to drop in and bring the mind, body, and breath back together again, no matter our level of resources

Everyone can do this, and when you do, the miraculous happens because you unattach from the mind and the stories it writes. As we connect, the mind opens to opportunity. It realizes it's part of a team and no longer perceives it has to "do it all itself."

As the mind finds The Self, we emanate and radiate a vibrational frequency which is sustainable because it attracts a vibrational match. Whether it’s “the news” prediction or our heart’s desire...what we think about comes about. It cannot not happen.

How to stay as a sustainable vibration? Spend time in and connect with nature. Spend time consciously being The Self. Embrace the creator that you truly are here to be. Choose love as your highest priority. Take It to the Body and ignite circuits. 

The moment you start breathing in your belly, the Essential Self drops deeper into the body, your mind unattaches from its “story” version of who you are, and a sense of well-being occurs. You step into this sense of expansiveness, love, and belongingness that is inherent inside of each of us.

Rather than think, "Why is this happening?” Or, “How can I navigate, change, or manage this situation?" Take your attention to the body, see where there's a charge, and ignite circuits.

One day you’ll notice, "I am living an extraordinary life."

As Dr. Sue says, the Energy Codes enable you to “build a set of circuitry so you can live from deep, intuitive space, always guiding your life from a higher vibrational frequency.” If you’re ready to take full ownership of the energy that you ARE…


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