New Moon Intention Journaling!

woman-writing-journal-at-window-seat-in-coffee-shop-picture-id518033322 NEW MOON INTENTION SETTING

New moon alert!

STOP what you’re doing…

DROP your pen onto the page…

And ROLL out those soul-deep intentions!

With the moon moving into Scorpio on Nov. 15, there’s no better time to set big, gorgeous New Moon intentions. And there’s no better way to dive deep and create certainty around those New Moon intentions than by journaling! 

Today, I’m going to talk a bit about the power of the New Moon for intention-setting and manifestation, what the New Moon in Scorpio means for us collectively, and how we can take advantage of this unique window of opportunity. 


The first 48 hours of a New Moon is a window when our creative energy is at its pinnacle.

New Moons have two powerful days, the day of and the day after, where setting intentions are most powerful. That means we’re able to effortlessly embrace our role as co-manifestor with the Universe. 

The Dark Moon (the night before the New Moon) provides us a perfect time to contemplate, meditate, and decide upon the intentions we want to see take root and flourish. 

And when we’re dealing with a New Moon in Scorpio, it’s such a beautiful time. Scorpio is all about deep healing and transformation (doesn’t that sound good right about now?!). Scorpio also carries an intense energy about the unconscious mind, which makes it especially exciting for creating new realities.  

There is so much potential right now with the New Moon energy! But don’t sit back and wait for stuff to happen…

By setting intentions now, at the New Moon, we have an opportunity to manifest new dreams and innovations. Right now, your innermost desires are infused with magic and spirit, so it’s the time to go deep, to stretch and grow, heal, and transform. 

So how do we really cement those intentions and manifest our desires? After decades as a master manifestor, I’ve found that journaling my intentions is a powerful tool to co-creation. 

Journaling provides a pathway to tap into the emotion and energy surrounding what you desire. As you write, you feel your desired outcome. As your energy moves in alignment with what you long to manifest, the Universe can’t help but answer you!


Tip #1: Ask yourself powerful questions

Sometimes we have a vague sense of what we desire, but we don’t know how to put it into words. The Universe responds to specificity, so it’s essential to be able to describe what you want in detail. This is where journaling questions can help!

For instance, Scorpio is about healing and letting go of past hurts. 

Ask yourself these questions and do a free-writing response. Don’t overthink it!

  • What do I need to support my intention to heal old wounds? 
  • What specifically do I want to let go of? 
  • What is it that I want to change? Why? How will my life be different when I’ve manifested this desire? 
  • What is the true desire that I haven’t yet admitted? 

Tip #2: Feel into it

To successfully manifest, we have to create energy around our desires. We do that by feeling it, as if it’s already here! That energy creates a magnet that draws like energy to us.

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