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I write one page at a time, with only one to five words per line. The structure can look like poetry but has more to do with the physical limitations of a handwritten page and my desire to emphasize multiple meanings. My Page poems are a combination of sketch pad and journal.

The history and method of my writing process can be found in my article How I Wrote Three Thousand Pages Without Trying

It can feel unsettling to let go of concerns for punctuation, sentence structure and the rules of grammar but it is a natural part of my writing style to allow ideas to flow. The samples shared here are the original raw versions.



A dream
Does not require
A lot of nurturing
Until it emerges
In reality

An acorn
Can be an acorn
for a long time
With no effort required

As soon as the acorn
Sprouts and reaches beyond
The ground
A wave of needs begin

Love and life musts be
nurtured to grow
Once we are alive
That is when the living begins

An acorn
doesn’t need much
But an oak tree needs
Plenty of love to live triumphantly

Seeds and dreams carry endless potential
Being born into living
May appear complicated
But the essence of the acorn
Is in charge
The blueprint is clear

Acorn Effort
©2-15-15 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade



Two oaks grow on a hillside near a rocky gully
that becomes a river only in the spring

Many years ago when the first tree sprouted
There was plenty of sunshine, water and air.
The soil was rich and life was good.

After several years growing in the same place
The tree began to get lonely and bored.

One day while just standing
like a small oak tree would do
It noticed the soil near by moving ever so slowly.
Being a tree and not in a hurry
The tree watched as a small sprout pushed it’s way
Out of the ground and into the light.
As its tiny newborn leafs unfolded
The tree recognized it as an oak like itself.
The tree was happy!
It did not feel as alone
and was excited to have a new friend.

As the new tree grew
The two trees became good friends
Oaks grow very slowly and are quite patient.
Sharing the air, standing in the rain together, and
Growing roots deeper and wider in the Earth.
Deeper and wider until finally their roots met
And they actually touched each other for the first time.
They Loved each other very much and as they grew older and stronger
their roots reached to each other wrapping and entwining together
in and underground embrace.

So if you see two happy oaks
they are probably holding hands underground.

Two Oaks
©1999 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade



My job
Is to give
Of my Being

Grace has no agenda
That its gifts
Are received

The source of our soul
Only gives

It’s my job to be generous
An oak tree
Can’t help from making acorns
But it can’t make them grow

Receiving is up to the receiver
My task is to be the giver

Love is always an invitation
We can offer the gift of grace
Even if no one seems to want it

A genuine gift is only offered
Not forced upon others
It’s not important to me
If my gifts are received
It matters to me that my gifts are given

Gifts Are Given
©9-5-18 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade



Sudden enlightenment
Can be startling
It can make you believe
You are special

Slow gradual

Like a tree
But no one
Sees you

Not even yourself

Be a slow mystic

Be rich
For a lifetime
Not just a moment

Every twenty year
Overnight success
Succeeded in every little step
In every single breath

Live just because you can
Not because you have to
Be willing to be slow

Slow Mystic
©8-20-18 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade


Is not better

It is only MORE
of what is already good

More of me

My revealed self
My true self
Becoming more
And more

More of me
Expressing my self

A tree growing is still a tree
It just becomes
More tree

Unlock the darkened dungeon
And open into the sun
To reveal the treasure

More of Me
©3-25-12 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade


“The world doesn’t need to change. We become MORE of what we already are. Change often infers being different, when growth like a tree only becomes more of what it is.” Will Hale 12-5-12

“Trees give thanks for the rain by growing.” Will Hale 2002

“Connecting with trees and nature, connects us with our true nature.” Will Hale 11-24-19

“Are you stubbornly looking for a tree, instead of settling for an acorn.” Will Hale 1-28-01

“Once it has grown, a tree can’t un-grow, be like a tree.” Will Hale 10-11-17

I write from observation, not imagination. The premier of my deepest insights will continue to be posted here in SoulSpring, please subscribe to my blog and you can be the first to read highlights from my upcoming collection ONE LIGHT, MANY REFLECTIONS.

I would love to hear your inspirations and comments. Feel free to connect anytime for any reason.
Please send a note if you are interested in collaborating with me on One Light, Many Reflections projects.
Thank you! Will Hale

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