It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Open the Window to Kindness

good-morning-world-picture-id926197286 Open the Window to Kindness

One of my friends posted on social media a fantastic advent calendar. Do you know what they are?

I’m not sure if it was just a German tradition but my mom would buy us a big beautiful one at the “German store” (that’s what she called it although I’m sure it had a name) where they sold products and specialty items imported from Germany. It’s also where she got her special DR. Oetker powdered sugar and pudding powders to make her special cakes you could not buy in a Canadian store.

I used to love my advent calendar growing up. Every year my mom would take me to the “German store” and show me the ones I could pick from. I always got the one with the most glitter on it and when I got home we had a little ceremony to tape this special magical calendar into my window on Dec 1st. Every day I would find the little number of the day and I would get to open up a “window” that revealed a tiny gift. I can even still smell the store we got them from.

Then, of course, we celebrated St. Nicholas day too on Dec7th. That was when (I know I wrote about this before but its timely!) on Dec 6th we would put our shoes outside our bedroom door and find them stuffed with chocolate and marzipan and chocolate marzipan and little marzipan pigs, and some marzipan fruit um did I say marzipan?? Oh and an orange. meh.

So Dec 7th (which was this year’s new moon) became an interesting day as my blood sugar would rise and fall with each piggy and chocolate Santa and it would be a day of dramatic highs and lows and a need for water.

It’s actually kind of interesting, when you think of it, how we repeat patterns set so long ago as adults when we’re not looking. This year (and for a very long time before) there was no chocolate at my door delivered by St. Nicholas, no marzipan anything. No advent calendar to open taped to my window to my left. No instead, when I turn around I have another little door to open with a gift inside.

This year’s window to open is to our new fur baby Binkey’s crate next to my head. I have to open the window to her cozy cave to wake her up. I have to say the smell of puppy breath is intoxicating. (photos coming next week)

Anyway I digress! (I have total in love with puppy mush mind) I had a great idea when I saw the advent calendar on my social media profile. On it every day instead of there being a little present behind a window you have to open there is a daily prompt to spread kindness to one person each day. So I decided to make one!! You can start right away.

Here’s how:

Take a big paper and divide it up with all the days left in this month until New Years.
Each date make a date to open the window to kindness.
Here’s a sample week. ( examples can be changed)

Monday, Dec 10th – pay for someone’s coffee in the line behind you
Tuesday, Dec 11th – make it a point to look someone in the eye and say something nice to them
Wednesday, Dec 12 – help someone carry their stuff to their car.
Thursday, Dec 13th – call up an old friend on the phone ( not on FB that’s cheating)and tell them how much they mean to you even if you haven’t talked in ages.
Friday, Dec 13th – be extra nice to the old guy from the Salvation Army standing on the corner.
Saturday, Dec 14th – call home and really listen to what they have to say without trying to fix or change anybody.
Sunday, Dec 15th make some amends you’ve been putting off and be super kind to the person no matter their response.

If you attempt to do this daily for the rest of the month you will experience miracles and get high as a kite without the sugar rush ;) just an expanded glowing heart. I dare you to wipe that smile off your face.

Love you always.

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