Open Your Heart and Change Your World

Open Your Heart and Change Your World - Courtney Long

An open heart is the key to a happy and successful life. If you want more love, passion, abundance, and joy in your life, it starts by opening your heart.

Opening your heart leads to deep, meaningful, authentic love with yourself, your partner (if you have one), family, friends, community, and life. When you open your heart, life becomes magical! It helps you feel turned on for life!

Yet at a subconscious level, many of us harbor old hurts, resentments, and experiences that led us to close our heart out of self-protection. Examples: Self-doubt, fear, breakups, divorce, bullying, abuse, loss of a friendship, loss of a loved one, negativity in the world, or sometimes just life in general. Challenging experiences often lead us to form an invisible, energetic wall around our heart, because we don’t want to be hurt again or experience pain again.

Unfortunately, when our heart is closed, we unintentionally block the flow of love. Love is meant to flow freely in your body and in your life. Love is a vibration - a vibration that can change your world. It is a felt experience.

Love is within you. It’s who you are. No one can take it from you. No one can really “give” love to you. They can simply reflect back to you the love that is already inside you, like holding up a mirror for you. No one can hide or withhold love from you. The only one who can keep it from flowing is you.  

Right now, take a moment to tune into your heart. Does your heart feel open or closed? Do the cells of your body and energy field feel open or closed? Love is meant to be felt in your heart chakra and in every cell of your body. If your heart is closed, life does not flow. Love does not flow.

Signs of a Closed Heart:

  • Life feels hard, rather than light, fun, or playful
  • Tension or tightness in body
  • Worry
  • Judging or criticizing others
  • Judging or criticizing yourself
  • Blocked money flow
  • Loneliness, resentment, frustration, anger
  • Feeling stuck or stagnant, like life is dull or boring (not joyful, passionate, or magical!)
  • Feeling withdrawn or disconnected from life
  • Feeling withdrawn from other people. Lack of intimacy. Not connecting with others.
  • Fear
  • Withholding love, pushing someone away, or punishing someone because they hurt you so now you’re withdrawing your love from them
  • “Protecting” yourself from love because of hurt in a previous relationship; not wanting to open your heart again and risk being hurt
  • Believing the world is not a loving place; Feeling separation and bitterness toward the world; Being cynical or suspicious.
  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Lack of pleasure or joy from lovemaking. It feels just like sex, not like meaningful, earth-shattering lovemaking
  • Wanting love but not experiencing it
  • An overall dull feeling of life; not feeling vibrant

Do any of those sound familiar?

It’s easy to tell if your heart is open because an open heart results in an overall feeling of OPENNESS. It feels like saying “YES” to life and being open to the adventure of life.  

Benefits of an Open Heart 

  • Allow the flow of LOVE
  • Life becomes MAGICAL
  • Embody a deep sense of LOVE that is consistent and cannot go away
  • Deep, meaningful friendships
  • Feeling of connection to universe, strangers, nature, and to all that is
  • Deeper connection with yourself and your body
  • Deep, meaningful romantic relationship, filled with an abundance of sacred sex, deep connection, and spiritual growth.
  • Open intuition, so you can make empowered, divinely guided choices in your life
  • Feel alive and vibrant, like the light is turned on brighter in the world around you
  • Feel healthier and happier; deep sense of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment
  • It’s more fun! Move through life having fun, being playful and light-hearted
  • Go with the FLOW of life and trust the magical process of life
  • Be open to miracles, magic, everyday surprises, and synchronicities!
  • Fulfill your Life Purpose
  • Experience abundance in all forms, including an abundance of money

Opening your heart is easy. It is simply a decision.
It’s a daily decision! Just like a flower opens during daylight and closes at night, you can open or close your heart any moment of the day. Experiment with opening your heart just a little and notice the difference it makes in your life. Then experiment with opening your heart a lot so it is wide open. Notice how that feels. Do you experience more joy, abundance, miracles, and synchronicities? Every moment of every day, you get to choose how open or closed your heart is. It is safe to open your heart.

Action Step to Open Your Heart:

Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart. Take a deep breath. Bring all your attention inside your heartspace. Notice how your heartspace looks and feels. Next, imagine a flower inside your heart. Notice how the flower looks and feels.

Next, recall a memory when you felt great love. Allow yourself to feel the love again in your body. Imagine that you can amplify the love so much that it wants to overflow from your heart. Allow the flower in your heart to blossom and spread open its petals. As this happens, your heart opens and expands and more light shines through. Even if you are afraid or hesitant, decide to open your heart anyway.

Note: With practice, you can do this exercise with your eyes open any moment of any day, even while waiting in the line at the grocery store or having a conversation with someone you love.

Greet the world with love and the world will greet you with love.

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