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Why must we wait for stress to overwhelm us before we look for a way to keep ourselves away from its insidious clutches. This is general human nature, we wait until things get insurmountable,  and then start looking for adequate measures to handle them. 

As normal balanced human beings,  we need to organize ourselves in such a way,  that stress really doesn't enter our lives. We need to figure what it is that keeps us empowered when we are facing a lot,  and what we need to do to keep us in that constantly aligned state, which facilitates the relaxation mode. 

We have to first delve into our level of awareness,  this is what holds the key to what we need to do to keep us calm,  happy and also find us the means to what keeps us centered, the ongoing techniques and formulas we need,  to maintain the balance. 

This is honestly the first step we need to take,  to tackle our stress situation before it actually starts. 
The human beings natural state is joy,  but because he looses alignment with his own inherent self, he does not allow himself the state of balance and joy,  which is his true nature. He starts letting his environment and circumstances to influence him and then starts playing into the hands of various types of stressors. 

The moment you start getting the awareness that stress is beginning to encroach on your psyche, you start finding measures to reverse your stress response. This gives you instant access to a more level headed approach.

There are many things that you can be grateful for.  A gratitude list is essential,  as this is one emotion which facilitates the "less stress syndrome " . It minimizes stress also by reminding you that,  there is really no reason to stress,  as you have enough recources at hand to manage your stress. 

This is like a small meditation and can be done anywhere.  Just sit in a comfortable position however you find it.  Relax every muscle in your body.  Count one as you inhale and two as you exhale. Do it a few times.  This will bring your focus to the present. Center your thoughts.  Relax your mind and body and put them in alignment.

A brisk walk will give you again a change in your physical and mental state. A walk gets the circulation going.  Changes the mood,  and gives us a newer perspective towards everything.  Definitely gets us away from the stress mode.  

Always a very healthy feeling.  A good sense of humor tells us that our stressors are definitely not as menacing as they appear to be.  Laughter in any situation changes the hormonal balance within,  and makes us definitely feel happier. 

There is also a need for us to develop long term stress relief habits. Once we start doubting anything as a habit, it will continue as the same, and will be a constant stress reliever deep within. 

We are of course aware that exercise is a great help in keeping our bodies healthy,  but it is also a great way of keeping us away from stress. It rejuvenates the mind and keeps us working on refocusing very well. It also allows the frustrations of daily life,  to calm within. 

This is extremely essential. We need to practice self care very consciously. We must stay away from junk food. Too much sugar and starch take a toll on the health. The body essentially responds to whatever you eat and consequently so does the stress level. Once you start taking extreme care of your body,  you see how wonderful you start to feel.

 These are very important in keeping stress at bay.  If we keep a constant focus on our tasks with an inner state of balance,  it all remains in the right Space. 

1. Reduce your Challenges . This means that you stay away from things that make you unhappy . Don't feel compelled to handle avoidable unpleasant situations. 
2. Create Boundaries. Do not allow stressful thoughts constantly spilling over in the mind.  Think pleasant thoughts.  Do not read unnecessarily between the lines.  Keep some attitudes intact.  

Ongoing tackling of stress creating situations is essential.  Directly handling stressors is important.  Keep a steady stream of simple stress relieving strategies at hand and use them. Simple strategies help in leading an uncomplicated life, hence focused joy aligns with us. 
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