Owning Your Sensuality Mindset

horsebackriding Owning Your Sensuality Mindset

My brilliant friend, Susan Bratton, is the trusted hot sex advisor to millions and an expert on all aspects on how to improve your sex life, which for many women, begins with improving your “sensuality mindset.” Please enjoy her wisdom on this topic.

Just recently I spoke at an all women’s sexuality event. Before I took the stage, I went around speaking to each individual woman. As we chatted, I asked them privately what they were thinking about when they decided to attend? What were they hoping I’d talk about? What issue was on their mind?

As I listened to the stories, the struggles and the desires of these beautiful women my mind filtered the meta-conversations into four main categories of interest. These women wanted to hear first about what kinds of treatments, procedures and technologies were available and effective at keeping their lady parts in good working order. They wanted to know how to keep their libido high as they aged. They wanted my tips on solo pleasure. And they wanted to hear about female pleasure potential — what was possible for them and what were they missing out on that they didn’t even know might be available?

What struck me was how each woman was standing for her sensual pleasure in her life. These women took on the responsibility of their sexual health and intimacy as a part of living a full and joyful existence. They knew that the more they learned, the more they benefitted. Women often think they are “broken” if they don’t have the same appetite as their partners. We women do not take into account that our male-bodied partners are testosterone dominant versus us women being estrogen-dominant. We do not have the same amount of daily appetite for intimacy as men. We can’t compare ourselves to our partners. We need more sensual experiences to help us with our desire.

What kind of sensual experiences keep our desire high? First of course is having a sensual mindset like the women in attendance at that event. They “own” their sensuality. They nurture it. The put intention on cultivating their own desire. 

But how?

How do other women get or keep themselves “in the mood?” Here are some ways that you can keep your libido thrumming through life:

Think senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, feeling.

When you are tickling your senses, you are supporting your lust for life.

  • Warm baths. 
  • Candlelight.
  • Sensual, feminine fabrics.
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils.
  • Slathering healthy lotion on your body to nourish your skin.
  • Eating succulent foods… think mangoes and watermelon.
  • Foot rubs and full body massages.
  • Romantic, sensual movement.
  • Any kind of dance, tai chi, improvisational movement.
  • Yoga, especially Hatha yoga with breath work.
  • Solo pleasuring.
  • Moving or sitting meditation, especially where you hold your womb lovingly in your hands.
  • Walking in nature, especially beach walks and forest bathing.
  • Taking a sauna or hot tub. 
  • Riding a horse, a bike or rowing a boat or kayak.
  • Sunbathing.

All of these activities get us out of our monkey minds and into our bodies… they slow us down… they connect us to our heartspace.

When you feel disconnected from yourself, review this list and take a moment to savor your life through your senses. This self-care will nurture you in countless ways.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,


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