Peace Through Your Subconscious Mind

I want to you to identify the greatest enemy of the human race, we know there is only one in that category, that is Fear. It is what inhibits people from reaching their true potential, creating apprehensions and making negative inroads into the mind. 

Simply said we can say that fear is the opposite to Love. Where love exists, there can be no fear. 

You have to learn to master your own fear. Try and reach a level of calm and ease within. The subconscious mind is amenable to suggestions . It is controlled by suggestions, give it positive ones. 

In this situation,  the thoughts of the conscious mind sink into the sub conscious. This is like osmosis, in which fluids separated by a porous membrane, intermingle. As positive thoughts, sink into the subconscious, they grow with their own kind, and you become poised, serene and calm. 

It is the enemy behind failure, sickness, and above all else, poor human relations. Millions of people are afraid of the past, the future, old age, insanity and many more negative qualities. 

All emotions are essentially a product of thought, and so is fear. Sometimes we create a situation in the mind, just as a fear. This looms large and seems like an actual reality. It is like creating a monster within.  

When your conscious awareness and better sense prevails, the understanding also dawns, that the thing he fears, does not exist, it is only a figment of the imagination. Then it diminishes. The fear of course can only disappear if you work on yourself. 

This flows in response to your subconscious though. We have to make a disciplined effort for this. Every morning before waking up,  and every evening before sleeping we need to learn to relax and affirm " I am talented, gifted, whole, healthy and happy. I am afraid of nothing, I am grateful for everything I am blessed with."

If constantly fearful thoughts keep invading your mind, and you blow them  to loom large as a reality, you will start attracting those situations which will create depressive feelings. 

That very idea to which we give the most attention realizes itself. If we think of winning we actually become winners. For example,  if you are being congratulated for your success, as you are contemplating this happy result, you will attract a corresponding result. The power of the subconscious takes over. It will dictate and direct the conscious mind accordingly. The subjective wisdom of the subconscious will compel the conscious mind to give a positive response. 

There are some simple techniques I have experienced and taught,  and these will manifest if you will use them correctly. 

We can learn them through the following example " You are afraid of high places.  Put yourself into a state of deep relaxation,  imagine you are taking a stroll in the mountains.  Feel it and enjoy it,  what you experience in your imagination will be developed in your subconscious mind.  When you next go to a high place,  joy will flow through you.  As you will be enjoying the cool air and bliss mentally,  you will do so physically too. The fear has disappeared,  as your subconscious mind has unlearned it,  and sent a  message to the conscious mind. The fear no longer exists in your system."

People sink into depression by creating imaginary fearful pictures. Whatever you will continue to imagine, you will create a parallel reality. The world is full of people who imagine negative scenarios, they live constantly in fear and create negative situations.  

Place your attention on the thing immediately desired, get completely involved in it. Know that the subjective overrides the objective. This gives you confidence.  The subconscious mind moves for you.  Therefore peace is yours. 

Enjoy your new state. 
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