I have had the greatest joy of being sober for more than 30 years.
In my first year of Ministerial School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I had a Divine awakening. I awoke in the middle of the night to a voice that said, “If you want to live, do not ever drink again.” It was like the statement from Jungian Psychology:

"First you must realize you are asleep; then you wake up. Then you die so you may be born. You cannot be born until you die, and you cannot die until you wake up."

Science of Mind became my meeting place and my refuge during this time of awakening to my sobriety. Because of the Creative Living Courses I was taking at that time, I never attended AA meetings. My courses became my meeting place, and week after week, I began to discover the center within me. I have always shared my story knowing I survived the “me drama” and felt I never needed to remain anonymous or quiet about my journey to sobriety. I had earned the right to share it and felt I did not need to keep it a secret. I do however celebrate the success of AA and understand being anonymous is so crucial to many. I was just clear that I was hear to live my journey out loud.

Each and every time I share with a group of people in recovery, I clearly state the following: “Welcome to the gifted club.” Do you know you are gifted and probably early on in your life recognized your gifts yet denied them? Did you know the saboteur (through the means of alcohol and/or addiction) falsely fed you the fundamental belief “I AM NOT ENOUGH. There is something missing in me.”

You’re right! Something is missing - the TRUE YOU. You are not here to discover your purpose; you are here to know the purpose is you.

This article is an excerpt from my new book: Being A Difference Maker: A Guide For Living Life Out Loud.

Loving Life,

In her latest offering of spiritual treasures, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes sets out to energize readers in coming alive with passion in "Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud."


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