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Quieting Your Mind
3 Mudra Meditaton

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Tap into the healing power of your hands with the Healing Place Mudra, hand posture meditation. 

Restore health and balance by creating circuits of energy with postures in your arms and hands. 

Empower your vitality by unlocking the healing energy in your palms with On Path’s presentation and guided meditation. 

Awaken the pressure points and energy pathways of your hands to restore balance.

Feel your mind winding down and settling into a quiet state of peace.

Join Andy Barkworth for this complimentary
3 Mudra Meditation teaching and Chi Kung demonstration
for quieting your mind and relaxing your body.

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Andy Barkworth is a master level teacher in Phoenix, Arizona with over 25 years of study in the martial and healing arts.

 His life’s passion is to share with others the benefits of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Meditation, Reiki, and Energy Rejuvenation in a fun, practical, and easy way.

 Andy believes that everyone should have access to these life-changing experiences. 

Andy founded On Path to create a resource for people to learn powerful practices in mind, body, and energy wellness. 

His vision is to help others achieve optimal health and living through customized: videos, personal sessions, classes, workshops, and events.

“Tai Chi is a powerful way to bring the body into balance. Practicing Tai Chi has changed my life in many positive ways. Seifu Andrew Barkworth’s teaching style makes learning Tai Chi easy and fun; he is truly a Master! “

Nikki Del RioTai Chi/Qi Gong InstructorFounder of Qi Vibes

“Andy is like a vortex!  He has a swirling motion of positive energy spiraling all around him, and it leaves a measurable residual magnetism on every soul he touches. ”

Tony Thomas, Pharm.D  Cardiovascular Research Specialist