Re-imagining our role in the great shift in consciousness

Re-imagining our role in the great shift in consciousness Re-imagining our role in the great shift in consciousness

There is something really important that is not getting much attention in the media or on social networks, so I’m going to share my thoughts about it with you today..  

It is the pivot that is necessary as we come out of COVID-19, the death of George Floyd, and other injustice occurring in today’s world. 

We must shift from an unconscious pattern of living on the Earth to a conscious design and an elevated humanity supporting the well-being and balance for all living species. 

Our way of living on the Earth is not sustainable. We’ve lost our sense of cohesion with nature, the Divine, and life. Collectively, we’ve been barreling down a dangerous path toward a future that leaves our children and future generations very exposed. 

And we can all feel the effects of this now.

Even the transformational education industry is complicit in this. A few weeks ago, a program was heavily promoted by one of the biggest names in this space. The title was, ‘The Comeback Challenge.’  

This challenge was all about hitting the accelerator to get back to American Dream accumulation. The program taught how to annihilate obstacles in our path, and it nailed this topic. 

To be fair, it also talked about creating close relationships. But the program did not talk about the importance of going within to get in touch with conscience, deeper values, and to the Divine that resides within us all. There was no focus on the need to collectively awaken and become conscious. It was all about getting back to material reward by focusing on state, story, and strategy. 

This program and much of the collective discussion, even in conscious circles, often feels tone-deaf to the circumstances that I and many other thought leaders believe called in COVID in the first place.

An author who joined one of our Community Circle calls recently said that in his opinion COVID was a call to ‘go to our room.’ He said the Universe had created sequester so we could take a time out to deeply consider our way of living on the Earth. 

He also said we are being invited to consider the error in our way of living, those things that are unconscious, in many cases our obsession with materiality at the expense of living consciously. 

So what does it look like when we create conscious organizations supporting the well-being of all?  

I believe it looks like this. First, the organization has a culture rooted in our deep connection and Oneness. The culture places an emphasis on the inner journey and our being state and people in the organization practice living in Presence.  

The culture of the organization embraces this in order that collaboration and decision-making come from this conscious place.  

The organization is loving and nurturing. It does not come from fear and scarcity. The organization is open and honest with all stakeholders. It is transparent about its activities and endeavors.  

Let’s see how this actually looks: 

In the transformational education space, the organization creates programming supporting mature people on their conscious journey. Subjects such as healing, divine presence, empowerment, metaphysics, awe & wonder, conscious business, and leadership get attention because they address real needs. Programs are moderately priced and scholarships are offered to the community.  

In the social networking space, the organization would create mechanisms to support health and well-being advocacy and processes to identify and take down false or harmful content. It would inform people—and especially parents and children—of habit-forming behaviors such as being online for too long on any given day. It would support the release of information on anything that might endanger the individual such as meeting a stranger based on online conversation. The organization is more about supporting and nurturing community than coining money.     

The Humanity’s Team community is conscious, so I’m guessing we are together on the importance of this moment.  

This is our moment of choice, is it not? If ever there were a moment to deploy all our conscious tools, it is now.  

I want to suggest that our inner journey is supremely important right now. This is always true but these are enormously challenging times, so in today’s world this takes on added importance. Focusing on inner guidance puts me in cohesion and flow with the Divine and nature.  

When I come into flow, I come into service. 

I’m clear that I have no other function beyond being of service to the world around me.  In my case, this means being of service to my family and Humanity’s Team.  

We are all called to a particular station in life, so I am certain you are clear on the priorities you are called to. We can feel it, and we know when we are there. 

I do not fatigue or worry easily, because I am not resisting flow or service.  

Do you feel this also? Do you feel guided to your station in life and the carrying out of your individual mission?  

In many ways, we are well along in our journey from Homo sapien to what Barbara Marx Hubbard called Homo universalis. In Homo universalis we deeply feel our connection with the Divine, each other, and life.  

We become an expression of love. Not eros love or a soft love that is not truthful, but an abiding love that we can feel in our heart and that seeks expression through service. In Homo universalis we become a citizen of the universe. The Earth, humanity, the animal kingdom, and the cosmos are our larger self, so we support that. 

Years ago there was talk of Birth 2012. Perhaps the birth of a new humanity and new Earth was too much to jam into one year, but Birth this Generation is possible, isn’t it so? 

I believe this is precisely what is happening as we emerge from COVID and work together to manifest the shift of the ages.  

The current awakening and shift that is occurring is bringing humanity to another level of being. Let’s re-imagine our role in this and place all of our energy at its disposal. 

I’m going to close by thanking all of you who seek to be love’s expression, who are in service, who are taking positive action, who are at the conscious station in life you were called to.  

We are evolving to Homo universalis. I believe evolution is calling the whole world to this place—humanity, the animal kingdom, and the Earth. Evolution has a certain destination and cannot be stopped once it reaches a particular momentum state.  

I believe we’ve crossed that threshold. We will come to this destination together. And some brave souls will go first.  

Thank you for being one of those brave souls! 

In service,


Steve Farrell

Worldwide Executive Director

Humanity’s Team

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