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My ongoing passion for over 30 years has been guiding people out of the darkness of their souls and into the light of their hearts, but it appears to be more important now than ever before in history.

For many years I have observed large herds of folks headed, unwittingly, like a flock of sheep into the darkness of gloom and doom. Blinded by greed and fear, they marched faster and faster until they hit the wall - the wall of COVID-19.

Bam! Time to reassess. Many people are now asking “Where was I going and why?” Others are just waiting until we get back to “normal." Good luck with that - there is no going back. Those waiting to go back to “normal” will be left behind and wondering what happened. After all, weren’t they on the fast track?

Long before COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, I had recurring thoughts and dreams about the world spinning out of control. In my dreams it would be a globe spinning so fast it began to get out of control but continued to spin faster and faster and eventually it flew off its axis into space and forever nothingness. I would awaken and think about how bizarre it was but had no clue what to do, or how to help people get back on track or, to at least slow down.

Since COVID-19 hit the planet, I have often thought about that dream and how it came to pass just as I saw it. Wow. Of course, I did not envision it would possibly be the entire planet and yet, I now realize there could be no other way for the entire earth to reboot?

How else could the planet begin to heal - to reach a collective homeostasis - without first dying unto itself. The people who are waiting for a return to “normal’ will need to rethink and reboot into a fresh new life.

New ideas for a new world. A new life style has not changed my passion, only the way it shows up. Today, I want to lift spirits and lighten hearts with the same passion as always but in a new way.

Today, using whatever is available in my home to reach out, such as social media and telephone, I want to be a beacon that lights the path through and out of the darkness. Currently, my passion is focused on using social media to broadcast a live seven minute show which I call “A Spot of Sunshine.”

There is no going back. After a brief rest, we are marching forward into the light to begin anew.

Spiritual Hope
Empty the Cup

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