Reconnect Yourself with Timeless Wisdom and End Useless, Painful Thoughts


We must recognize the almost endless cycle of pressure, anxiety, anger, and regret that always appears with the promise that if we follow some branch of negativity, it will lead us back to the source of understanding where we’ll be free at last. In fact, that branch we’re tempted to follow belongs to something that can never complete itself, and that requires our energy to sustain it.

Instead of trying to complete the moment through what anxiety, fear, or anger tell us to do, we must be completely present to those thoughts, completely present to that pain – a pain that promises freedom in a time to come, but is really the continuation of the consciousness that is pain itself because it lives apart from the true Vine and the true life. 

Instead of trying to untie all this experience that seems to be the product of unwanted conditions we try to control, our real task is to sever our relationship on the spot with anything in us that wants to continue trying to free itself in time.

This may sound impossible. We’re concerned about what will happen to us if we don’t serve that master.  We feel stress and anxiety, we wonder what will happen if we don’t do again what has never freed us in the past, but hope may work this time.

Keep moving forward. If you work with this new knowledge, one day a fear will wash over you and you’ll realize, “Fear is telling me what will happen to me if I don’t do what it wants. But I don’t have to listen to fear. If I do, the same thing will happen as has happened every time in the past. I must sever my connection to this old vine so I can be connected to the true Vine.”

We’ll never find the part of us that already knows what we need if fear is our guide. That higher consciousness is already within us. It belongs to the Vine and we are its branches. Our task is not to try to understand how to connect ourselves to it, but to discover where we continue to be deceived into staying connected to the wrong vine and serving what we fear when we’re stalked by the clock that is a creation of our own consciousness.

There is not one act of desperation that isn’t born of trying to escape a creation of our own consciousness, individually and collectively. Within that fact lies a great hope. If we sever, or even just intend to sever that “Gordian knot consciousness” that’s consumed with its own continuation at all costs, that consciousness is changed, just a bit. And that’s the beginning of our complete transformation.

We have endless opportunities to sever the knot and stop the cycle of useless thought that never resolves anything. Part of the Divine journey is a ceaseless opportunity to receive the deeper lessons that already exist in a deeper level of time that is just waiting for us!

Our task is simply to wait in the right place with it.

This article is excerpted from The Divine Journey: Realizing Your Timeless Self (e-course 2020)

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