Regardless Of Circumstance - And The Everything All-New

young-woman-meditating-picture-id1140574885 Regardless Of Circumstance - And The Everything All-New

It’s a wonderful thing to know that what we see outside us, is not the only reality, that there is more than one perspective to take when viewing both external and internal conditions! In fact, it’s a wonderful thing to know, that God and the Universe, HAVE YOUR BACK!

Can’t wrap your head around that? That’s just it, one can’t! But we can open our hearts and merge with what is currently shaking humanity to its core! And what is shaking humanity to its core is LOVE!

I sense we each have been presented with an extraordinary chance to cut our cord with separation!  Floating weightless in zero-gravity consciousness, we have a chance to make the jump to hyper-space, the quantum-leap from duality to Oneness, from the lie into the Light, from asleep to awake, from broken to whole.


With Spring’s natural turn just under our belts, we have nature on our side REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCES! As the sun grows brighter and the days longer, we begin the mythical journey of recreating life over again either in fear and reaction to external conditions or with a new, natural courageousness, confidence and intuitive creativity perhaps unknown to us before as it rises from a deep, inner knowing we have carried with us for our whole lives. This is but one opportunity these Viral Times are gifting us!

 Ha you say, balderdash! What planet are you on? And that’s just it: we get to choose the planet we want to be on, from the Parallel Worlds upon which we all dwell: the One of Love, or the one of fear!

Through a kind of universal, tantric, mystical merger of the Inner Divine Masculine And Feminine; the outer patriarchal control over Gaia is actually dying! (You wouldn’t know it by looking outside!) Yet with it within, the painful hurt-hole in the wounded heart of humanity that has kept us from realizing and expressing our true, spiritual nature is healing while closing the final chapter on the shadow mounted, post-Atlantean dark history of Sacred Earth.  

For this is the time when all the experiences of your life come to you as medicine, as teachings both painful and pleasure. While by the Grace of Goddess, the cloud of karmic flack is lifting, and as we navigate for the stars, we are being universally re-oriented to the pitch and camber of Divine Truth. Under cover of the ‘covid pandemonium,’ and through the influx of The Mother’s Crystal, Solar Light, everything in life is Emerging All-New on the inner plane just waiting for your expression into the outer New World! 

Holding the Oneness Space as so many have done for so many years, often on nothing but blind faith: now gives way to a new Inner Sovereignty that will empower you to claim victory over the current obstacles of outdated mis-creations, born of the illusory lie of separation: and through The Oneness Beam emanating from Heaven, your Divine Sovereignty will help accelerate all life into Its Pre-Ordained archetype of Sacred Love And Joy!

For blessed Ones, we are the heroes of a thousand faces: we have died a million ways and to rise above the limits of karma, we have died while still being alive! We have died in consciousness to the illusion of material life and to the mortal concept of self: in order to be reborn into the next level of our Spiritual Evolution. In so doing, we are initiated at the feet of the Grand-Mother’s Grand-Birth; and liberated from form, we now blast-off to seek and find our own Inner Star!

Whereas things look a particular way on the outside of today, on the inside  of timelessness, we each board a personalized light-ship bound for Love’s Divine Destiny, a realm of Compassion Through Loving Kindness, on a Journey to the Heart Center! As you enter, the sign on the star-way reads, “This is the point of no return. Love Well!”

Preparing the lines to cast off for a New Life In The New World; weightless, timeless, speechless, breathless; we suddenly realize the suspended animation is over; the kryo-space journey we’ve been frozen into for what seems like eternity, is thawing and as our fingers become more nimble and our lives more responsive to Light, we arrive here and now in this Sacred Moment, to thread and weave the Higher Divine Principles of Unconditional Love And Forgiveness into all those places that till now, have alluded the Human Race.

We are born this time in this age, to plant our divinity so deeply into the Earthly Consciousness, impregnating the Virgin Substance of Purity Itself: that through Earth’s Garden our well-earned Seeds of Love For A New Life will sprout by the Illumined Light of the Spiritual Son!  

And when we have fully landed each in our own perfect time, by our own Divine Truth, then fully rooted in this same physical world just seen on the evening news; we will begin tending to the Holy Harvest of True Christ Consciousness; utilizing The Heart’s Intuition and the gifts She brings, to build the New Atlantis, the New Lemuria, and the Authentic Lives supported by the sustainable systems we came here to live!

Like on a ship of dreams to Never-Never Land, take the third star on the right and then straight on ‘till morning: this sacred journey occurs for us right now, Regardless Of Circumstance, revealing The Everything All-New found waiting in the depths of your heart. We have been traveling The Journey of Lifetimes while The Universe ALWAYS HAD YOUR BACK!

A faint voice calls from the distance querying, “But how do I start?” And the sage simply replies, “Find your captain’s chair. Jettison that which encumbers you. Check the gauge of your breath and set the dial on auto-pilot. It will take you there. Then your life will  become a living meditation, your meditation becomes a prayer, and your prayer returns as a blessing to God and all creation. ~xomk~


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