Our beliefs and practices regarding prayer—like so many important things—change many times throughout the course of our lives.

When I reflect upon my journey of prayer, I am so grateful to have learned in metaphysics a clear way to affirm, invoke, declare, and know—leaving the teenager way of praying behind me. Being raised Southern Baptist, all prayers up to that point were begging, pleading, and making bargains to a God I wasn’t even convinced was interested in me. The teachings I attained from Science of Mind transformed my way of begging prayer into using spiritual affirmative treatments instead. In Unity and throughout New Thought, we practice prayer in the affirmative rather from a place of pleading.

This shift equipped me with an incredible tool of creating modern day miracles in my life.

I used to think prayer was a new request, a new alignment with a greater truth or an expansive way of creating a larger circle for my visions. I would energize the words of my heart into form and send that request forward into the energy field.

Through the years, I can now see that praying is a both/and reality. Yes, I am expanding my inner awareness each time I say a prayer, while at the same time my prayer is saying, intuitively, “I have received the request placed in my heart.” In other words, my prayer is not a new idea, my prayer is letting the laws of my life know “I have received the energy of change and I am saying yes.”

Prayers for a Sacred Warrior are statements to declare to the Universe, “Here I am and I accept this time in my life. Count me in. I am ready to be a catalyst for change and I am willing to be part of a world that works for everyone.”

In her latest offering of spiritual treasures, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes sets out to energize readers in coming alive with passion in "Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud."

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