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seeclearly You Are Everything

You came from infinite love. You are infinite love. You will return to infinite love. The only flaw is believing that you are flawed. If you came from infinite love, and you are infinite love and you are going to return to infinite love, then how can anything be wrong with you? What that means is that you have taken on the lenses of perception of other people. 

You are viewing yourself through the lens of your ex-husband and ex-wives. You’re viewing yourself through the lens of people who didn’t believe in themselves and didn’t love themselves. You are viewing yourself through the lens of your mother, your father, your family. You’re viewing yourself with a lens that has a prescription, aka programming, instead of seeing yourself through the lens that is love. 

My Grandmother saw me through the lens of love. This is why no matter what I have gone through in my life, and no matter how much reality tried to, in some shape or form, erode away at that confidence or self esteem or self belief, it never could.

It’s time for you, my beloved brothers and sisters to let go of the notion that you are flawed. And that somebody in this world has something that you don’t already have. You are everything. EVERYTHING. And, you always have been. 

It’s time to get rid of the prescription of your glasses, not even change it, but let’s just throw the glasses away. With the glasses, you are not seeing yourself clearly. You came from infinite love. You are Infinite love, and you will return to infinite love. The only flaw is believing you are flawed. 

Simply rest in the awareness of each breath, and welcome everything there is to feel. Resist nothing. Embrace and accept everything. 

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