Seize The Day - How Self Confidence Reduces Stress

falling-picture-id182781863 Seize The Day - How Self Confidence Reduces Stress
As the weather changes, so does the mood. With our changing moods, our stress levels also go through a change. I want to address stress from a different aspect today. Lets talk of stress you can handle, from an objective self perception. You need to learn to be confident about yourself, its only then that we can comfortably say that all kinds of stress situations will be on the run.


This is perhaps , the most important thing, for one's own mental and emotional well being. We can safely say, it is for one's health.
Broadly defined, we can say that Self Confidence means, that quality, which can help you become successful in your own personal and professional life.

It is the most challenging and most imperative quality, for any human being. Having an adequate quantity of self confidence means that you can "Seize the Day".


When you have this quality of Self Belief, then you are easy about trying new things. Confidence gives you that edge over everything. In whatever you might be doing, you start feeling you are doing the correct thing. Whether you are joining a painting class or taking Piano lessons, changing your job or relationship understanding. You will feel steady within yourself.


When you are confident, you will devote your resources to the task at hand, instead of worrying about, whether you are good enough at it or not. You will always perform better when you are confident. Your focus on delivering a message to the world, Only comes from a level of confidence within. Keeping yourself charged is essential.

It is important, that you keep appraising yourself, for your confidence levels. If you feel there is, even a hint of feeling lesser than what your personally required level of confidence, you need to work upon it.


There are various methods you can apply, to create the confident you.


The ultimate component to building one's personality is Self Love.This is of course very different from selfishness. We need to value ourselves and our capabilities, and give ourselves enough love, for being who we are.


Many a time we doubt our own capacity to do things. We are too afraid of embarrassing ourselves, and we worry about our image in front of others. We need to boost our feelings beyond self doubt, and help ourselves to perform better.


Eating unhealthy, refraining from excercise, not sleeping enough, these things all take a toll on our bodies. Learn to give your body enough pampering, so that you look extremely good. That in itself will become a happy situation boosting your confidence.   

We all run our own race. The only person we need to compare with, is our own self.


"Everyone messes sometime" say that to yourself, instead of saying"I am so silly, i spoiled it all, for myself." Try talking to yourself as a friend, and give yourself good and meaningful suggestions.


If you are being, too self critical, tell yourself, that your self critical thoughts, need not always be accurate. Challenge those statements. Each time you combat a negative thought, you move forward.

We all struggle with self confidence issues. Of course, you needn't get over confident. But do inject a healthy dose of self confidence, which will help keep the stress at bay, and keep you at a peak level of performance. 
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