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purpose Sense of Purpose

"I am successful", is a statement that many of us like to give,  because we so strongly identify with our worldly success.

A successful career, a loving family, popularity among friends, a strong social network. Is there anything more one could ask for. And yet you feel something is missing in your life. That essential spark, that feeling of "The lightness of Being"

Why is it that some kind of stress us constantly nagging at you. What could be that nagging element. Is anything missing in life, is a question many of us are asking of ourselves. The answer is "Yes" it is the feeling of having a sense of purpose, that is actually missing.

All of us, deep within ourselves, feel that need to be needed. The feeling of having a meaning to our lives is essential. A distinct sense of purpose, that you are valued because you are worth it.

This sense of purpose would essentially be the reason that gives a meaning to our existence on the planet.

The eternal question, why do we need a purpose.


Research has shown that individuals with a sense of purpose, tend to have:

1.longer lives

2. Are happier individuals

3. Healthier lives

4. Positive attitudes

People are normally scared,  that if they are into introspection, and if they are not inwardly tuned, then they will have perhaps a less meaningful life.


Once you have realized that a meaning to life is the only true answer to happiness, being in the flow of life becomes much easier.

Wealth is normally gauged as a measure of worldly success.

Reflection teaches you that, the more clarity in your purpose you have, the more money you will make.

Once we realize that finding your purpose is only possible through self reflection, you also realize that true happiness lies, only in a point where one feels that life is worth living, only for a reason.

What is that reason which is our sense of purpose, and how do we get there.

Our main aim in life is, to find that purpose.

I want to give my readers some help in getting to this fundamental goal and then moving on to a true level of success within oneself and in the world.


Some of us discover within us this deep urge to volunteer for social causes. They want to give donations of all types. They want to help the elderly, support orphanages, and perhaps do other philanthropic work. This gives an insight into ones inner self.


Sometimes it is hard for us to be objective about ourselves and notice our own strengths. So we need to learn to value the opinions of our well wishers, so that you can view yourself in an objective light.


Sometimes you just need that sense of reconfirmation of your own train of thought,  you need to know that you are on the right track.


This is very essential to your own inherent well being.  Many times you need that"pick me up" factor. Being with positive people, gives you that factor. Negative people drag you down.

Positives take you to your passion.


Social Media of course, is a huge distraction. Please resist the temptation. You can explore a whole new world, by striking a conversation with a stranger.


What truly gives you that sense of high. It could music, theater or whatever. Try and touch a chord with your inner-self, to feel your own core. Scale your own high. True joy lies in intrinsically connecting within, and then being who you are.


Many civil rights issues could be nagging in your mind.  It could be Senior Citizens happiness, animal welfare, substance abuse etc, you should contribute to a cause that touches your heart. This will add a special meaning to your life.


These are things you most enjoy talking about. Topics which you want to share information on,  even on social media,  will reveal to you, your true personality. Heed this.


This is a continuous process of self discovery, continuing to infinity. Allow the process to flow through you.

Everyday lived with awareness is like a guide to self discovery.

Change course, if you so desire. As long as there is a meaning to your life, just continue with it. 

Find your purpose, walk the path, and live joyously. 

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