Shine forth in glory on the planet

As we step into the New Year with an essential sense of enthusiasm,  we skeptically look behind us at the year gone by.  Even though there are apprehensions galore at how things went by, yet undeniably a new wave of excitement does seem to run through our veins. 

The uplifting sense of warmth and cheer despite the wintry chill of January keeps us smiling with inherent peeps of joy from within us.  

Celebration all over the globe, this year, has had a different meaning. The usual parties and hugs between friends, to celebrate the new level of awakening within us, has had a change in its manner. The year gone by has left us with a fresh perspective on life and it's meaning.  

So many questions to life's mysteries, so many answers of various kinds. 

As always, the onset of the New Year gives us a time for reflection. And this year we can all say in unison from all over the globe that the New Year has dawned with a whole new level of hopes and aspirations. Being positive is now considered a "way of life" not to be ignored. 

Getting over all that is perceived as set backs, is our prime concern. Keeping our morale boosted, starting afresh, with newer and more positive ideas, is our gift to ourselves, for our own conscious awareness and awakening.

The advent of 2021, has left us focused on the inevitability of change. It has given us the understanding, that sitting pretty on our past or present, is really not good enough.  We need to have an open mind to our environment and the changes happening all around us.  We cannot let the setbacks of the years gone by leave us burdened with apprehensions. We need to make a conscious effort to perceive all that is happening towards a brighter future. 

Looking towards the forthcoming year with a whole new level of aspirations is completely essential. It is agreed that the year gone by has been a year of hard knocks. But even though we feel the burden of the problems, hanging on to the hope of a newer light and a fresh level of joy is essential from within us. 
We need to make this effort to consciously feel happy. Worry depletes our energy, it takes away from the good within us. 
Giving yourself love and care is of extreme importance.  When we feel nurtured,  only then can we nurture those around us.  Meditation,  family bonding,  looking within,  giving ourselves love,  all these are extremely essential. 

The new year brings with it, a new level of joy. We are seekers on a journey, it is in our hands to make it joyous. 

Since I have been writing about how to  overcome stress over the years, I can say that the year gone by has been the most stressful year in our lifetime. Every aspect of life,  seems to have become unpredictable.  Whoever could have lived with the adage that a smooth life is successful. We need to realize that true success only comes after many setbacks. 
It is up-to us to facilitate our journey with faith in the Almighty power. It is our personal prerogative that we find within us. The energy which is positive and makes us move forward to shine forth in glory on the planet.

Keep your faith going and resound in Love. 
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